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The Importance adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

sofiane hamadouche

This research aims to highlight the importance of adopting the culture of corporate Social Responsibility. The conviction of corporate members, especially the top management, contributes to the diffusion of awareness of social responsibility and adoption of Sustainable Development principles for all ...

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Renewable Energy as a Strategic Option for Achieving Sustainable Development "Case of Algeria"

Araba Elhadj ben Mahmoud , Neffah Zakarya ben Ali

The emergence of the concept of sustainable development which based on the idea the development is a process that seeks to achieve integration between the economy, society and environment. this led to the need of reconsidering the increased consumption of fossil depleted energies that harm the environment, ...

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The Role of Water Information Systems in Sustaining and Enhancing the Governance of Water Resources in Algeria

Ahmed Tei , Zoubida Mahcene

The aim of this study is to highlight the role of water information systems in sustaining and enhancing the governance of water resources in Algeria. The paper presented that the water crisis is a governance crisis and therefore the need to move towards water governance by applying the principles of ...

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The Role of Tourism for Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals in World Tourism Organization Reports, The Case of Algeria

Benmouiza Messaoud

The aim of this research is to highlight the relationship between tourism as an economic sector, which is increasingly important as an economic, social and cultural sector, and the concept of sustainable development as one of the strategic orientations of the United Nations and its specialized organization: ...

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Environmental responsibility of industrial companies and its impact on preparing an environmental strategy for sustainable development

Saoud Chayed Mashkour , Mohammed Hassan Rashem

The environmental responsibility of industrial companies is one of the biggest challenges facing the economic, financial and social systems of countries and regional and international organizations, as the high volume of industrial activities directly affects environmental pollution that includes (air, ...

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The role of Saudi universities in adapting higher education outputs and the requirements of sustainable development according to vision (2030) in Saudi Arabia: An analytical study of the views of administrative leadership in the Qassim University

Inas Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shite

This study aimed to know the role of Saudi universities in the suitability of higher education outcomes and the requirements of sustainable development in accordance with the 2030 vision in Saudi Arabia from the point of view of administrative leadership in the Qaseem University. The study population ...

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Attitudes of Iraqi banks towards financing sustainable development

Afrah Khuder Radhi , Abdulkadhim. M. Queen

Sustainable development is one of the basic directions that countries seek and put in place plans and policies in order to harmonize with their standards and move towards patterns of economic activities that take into account the requirements of sustainable development. The study aims to determine the ...

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The green economy to meet the challenges of sustainable development (comparative study of experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia)

Ziad Akrout , Niazi Cumin

This paper has been prepared to provide an accurate analysis of the characteristics of the paper The experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in the field of green economics They are considered good experiences in the Arab world that can be Use them as each government has sought to develop a strategy ...

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The role of green marketing in achieving sustainable development (A case study of the Fahd Al-Medhath electricity corporation)

Heba Al-Zubair Abdul Majeed Mohammed

This research deals with the concept of green marketing and its role in achieving sustainable development. the importance of the topic of green marketing comes to its role in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. The research problem ...

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Evaluation of the Environmental and Economic Returns of the Development Project in the Development of Urban Areas Case Study of the Industrial Area (Sudan - Khartoum) in the Period 2016-2019

Mohamed Elgali Mohamed Suliman , Mohamed Suliman Abusalih , Atif Maohmed Mabrouk , Mubarak Mohamed Abboudi

One of the essential bases of life is to achieve an ecological and economic balance between accelerated development rates and the negative impact on natural resources. The research problem focuses on the neglect of ecological and economic dimension of the project and this leads to negative impacts on ...

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