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Managerial Property, Strategic Resources and Diversification of Enterprises, Case of Tunisian Businesses Rated.

Mohamed Soufeljil , Asma Sghaier , Hanène Kheireddine , Zouhayer Mighri

The question of the relationship between shareholder structure and diversification of the enterprise has caused many debates. We propose to shed a particular light in applying this question in the context of companies listed on the BVMT, which have specific characteristics in terms of relations between ...

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The extent to which management is interested in accounting for the cost of human resources in banks

Ayman Abdulla Mohammed Abu Bakr

The study aimed to identify the extent of management's attention to accounting for the cost of human resources banks, a field study on a sample of banks in Khartoum, where he represented the study a problem in that the accounting for the cost of human resources are not important and The effectiveness ...

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Human Resources Management and its Role in the Application of TQM Applied to the Sudanese Company for Thermal Generation During the Period 2002-2012

Abubaker Dawelbet Abubaker Mohammed , Hamza Abdallah Abdalrhman Yahya , Abdelshafi Mohammed Abbaker Younis

This research tackles human recourse management and its role in applying total quality management to be applied in Sudanese thermal generating company during the period from 2002 to 2011. The problem of this research is that there is misconception in managerial philosophy of human resources in Sudanese ...

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The Role of Water Information Systems in Sustaining and Enhancing the Governance of Water Resources in Algeria

Ahmed Tei , Zoubida Mahcene

The aim of this study is to highlight the role of water information systems in sustaining and enhancing the governance of water resources in Algeria. The paper presented that the water crisis is a governance crisis and therefore the need to move towards water governance by applying the principles of ...

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Impact of the Organizational Strength on the Organizational Commitment (Case of Study, Tahri Mohammad Bechar University)

Moumni Sara , Boshamin Ahmed

This research study aims at checking the impact of organizational power dimensions (legitimacy power, awarding power, expertise power, attracting and compelling power) on organizational commitment in the Tahri Mohamed University of Bechar (Algeria) . To achieve such aim, we have conceived a questionnaire ...

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Relational Capital and its Impact on Business Performance: Causal Study in Kuwaiti Telecommunications Organizations

Naser Sajid al-Naser

The purpose of the study is to investigate the influence of Relational Capital (RC) on Kuwaiti Telecommunications organizations’ (KTO) Business Performance (BP), through examining the workers’ perceptions regarding significance and potential use of RC indicators to leverage KTO BP. The study ...

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Methods of Developing Human Resource Management in Islamic Banks in Gaza Governorates and their Impact on Achieving Total Quality

Yasser Abed Taha Al-Shurafa , Hani Rabhi Ahmed Abdel Aal

This study aimed to identify methods of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates and their impact on achieving total quality. The study population included all employees in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates (Palestine Islamic Bank, and Arab Islamic Bank) totaling (218) employees. ...

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The impact of human resource management practices on person– job fit: the mediating role of human resources agility at Jordanian airlines companies

Maher Al-Nawasrah , Khaled Khalaf Alafi

This study aims to analyze the impact of the human resources management practices on adapting person- job fit, with the existence of human resource agility as a modified variable in Jordanian airlines, The researcher relies on the descriptive and analytical approach, The study population consist of all ...

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Effective management of material and financial resources and their role in the quality of entrepreneurial project outputs: a comparative applied study on business incubators at the university college of applied sciences and the Islamic university of Gaza – Palestine

Kholoud Attia Al-Flayt , Muhammad Khader Bahr

The study aimed to determine the importance of effective management of the material and financial resources of the entrepreneurial projects and to measure the impact of that on the quality of those projects. The study was applied to the entrepreneurial projects incubated in the period (2015-2019) in ...

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A comprehensive review of contemporary issues of electronic human resource management (E-HRM)

Mohammad Ziaul Hoq

Information technology (IT) became a vital part of our modern-day activities. In contemporary years, the usage of IT in expediting the human resource management (HRM) activities augmented considerably. E-HRM has the ability to develop managerial competency and influence the role of human resources (HR) ...

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