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The Optimal Acceptance Sampling Plan: Goal Programing Models

Fuad Saeed Yousif Saad , Fath Elrahman Taj Eldeen Shaa Eldeen , Mohamed Abu Elgassim Mohamed Hassanen , Hamoud Mohammed Saad Alomar

Acceptance sampling is the statistical method used to accept or reject product based on a random sample of the products. When done correctly, accepting sampling is effective for quality control. The acceptance number (c) and the sample size (n) are the basic objectives of any sampling plan. This study ...

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The Relationship Between External Audit Quality and the Improving of Financial Performance of the Listed Companies on the Khartoum Stock Exchange- Field Study

Adam Mohamed Ahmed Omer

The aim of this study is to identify the retationship between external audit quality and the improving of financial performance of the listed companies on the Khartoum Stock Exchange. The study used both the analytical descriptive approach and the field study approach. A questionnaire was used for data ...

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The Impact of the Application of the Total Quality Management System on the Performance of Government Institutions (An Applied Study on Government Institutions in Makkah Al-Mukarramah)

Saad Aziz Al-otaibi

This study aims to identify the impact of the application of the total quality management system on performance and the reality of the application of total quality management, through (Administrative Participation, Accountability and Transparency, Delegation of Authority, Decentralization and Continuous ...

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The Impact of the Application of the Total Quality Management System on Performance (An Empirical Study on the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah)

Asma Khalid Al Osaimi , Hani Hussni Abdelhameed

The purpose of the study is to show the reality of the applying the quality management system through the following: Administrative Participation, Accountability and Transparency, Delegation of Authority, Decentralization, and Optimization), and its impact on performance in the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. ...

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Hidden Costs and the Performance of Saudi Corporations

Abuamarah Mustafa , Ahmed bin Abdul-Karim Al-Harkan

This research deals with the hidden costs in Saudi Corporations in terms of their presence and their impact on the performance. The first part of the research is a review of the literature related to hidden costs in general and the second part is an analysis of 100 questioners which were received ...

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The Effect of the Quality of Senior Management Decisions on Academics' Resistance to Change

Fida’ Abdel Hameed Qarmash

The study aimed to identify the effect of the quality of senior management decisions on academics' resistance to change at Al-Istiqlal University because the quality of the decisions taken is of importance to the decision-maker and the institution he represents in facing the various problems and challenges ...

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The Impact of Management Information Systems on Managerial Decisions Quality at Al-Damar and Atabra Localities' Commercial Bank

Mohamed Albashir Albadawi Ali , Osman Abdalla Mohamed Elhadi

The study aimed at identifying the impact of management information systems on managerial decisions quality at commercial banks branches in Atbara and Al-Damar localities. Because of so many institutions and organizations, whether it is commercial or service, do not have the capabilities to support them ...

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The Impact of Privatization of the Health Sector on the Quality of Health Services in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: From the Perspectives of the Employees in A Sample of Governmental Hospitals Affiliated to the Najran Health Directorate

Abdul Ghafar Abdullah Hamid Ali , Ibrahim Mohammed Hussain Al Mansour

This research aims to test the impact of privatization of government hospitals on the quality of health services in its dimensions (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, safety and empathy) in government hospitals affiliated to the Directorate. In regard to Najran Health, the study used a sample ...

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Evaluation of Dhofar University Performance according to Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Criteria of Islamic Universities Federation

Mohammed Jaboob , Daood Al Hadabi , Mawih Al Ani

Objectives: The aim of this research is to evaluate the performance of Dhofar University in Sultanate of Oman based on two criteria: quality assurance and academic accreditation of Islamic Universities Federation. Methods: This research is categorized under quantitative approach by using descriptive ...

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Determinant of Interest in Using Financial Technology Applications

Henny Medyawati , Muhamad Yunanto

Objectives: The aim of study was to analyze the impact of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and service quality on individuals' inclination to utilize the DANA financial technology application. Furthermore, the variable exerting the most dominant influence on the intention to use the DANA ...

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