Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 12 - Issue 3 (8) | PP: 406 - 413 Language : English

The Optimal Acceptance Sampling Plan: Goal Programing Models

Fuad Saeed Yousif Saad ,
Fath Elrahman Taj Eldeen Shaa Eldeen ,
Mohamed Abu Elgassim Mohamed Hassanen ,
Hamoud Mohammed Saad Alomar
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
15/3/2022 30/3/2022 21/4/2022 29/6/2022
Acceptance sampling is the statistical method used to accept or reject product based on a random sample of the products. When done correctly, accepting sampling is effective for quality control. The acceptance number (c) and the sample size (n) are the basic objectives of any sampling plan. This study aims to construct two goal programing models for the determination of (n) and (c) with regard to four conflicting criteria. It applies non-linear integer goal programing techniques. The first model is assumed, a known and constant lot fraction defective, whereas the other model expected that it is a random variable having a Gamma prior distribution. The resulting two models were non-linear integer goal programing models. Consequently, these models could be worked out using any non-linear integer goal programing package.

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