Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 13 - Issue 2 (2) | PP: 125 - 135 Language : العربية

The Impact of Management Information Systems on Managerial Decisions Quality at Al-Damar and Atabra Localities' Commercial Bank

Mohamed Albashir Albadawi Ali ,
Osman Abdalla Mohamed Elhadi
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
15/1/2023 13/2/2023 27/2/2023 8/5/2023
The study aimed at identifying the impact of management information systems on managerial decisions quality at commercial banks branches in Atbara and Al-Damar localities. Because of so many institutions and organizations, whether it is commercial or service, do not have the capabilities to support them to collect data and process it in an optimal way to produce information that used to prepare administrative reports to help managers and enhance decision making process. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers' designed a questionnaire and distributed it among four commercial bank branches in Atbara and Al-damar, which were selected randomly. The data collected through the questionnaire were analyzed using frequencies, percentages, ANNOVA table and T-test; the findings were as the following: the commercial banks implemented computer-based information systems to disseminate information to managers at various managerial levels. Therefore; the bank used flexible and simple computerized information systems to disseminate internal and external information in easy way to help the managers in decision making. Also, the study founded that operational information systems provided more detailed, accurate and reliable information to executive managerial levels. In addition, the study concluded that the information provided by the operational information systems was conclusion, the study represented a set of recommendations; the most important of which was that training sessions must be designed to help those whom have no university education level to know the concept and uses of computer-based information systems.

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