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Evaluation of the Contribution of the Accounting Information System to the Quality of the Financial Statements. Case Study of a Sample of Accountants and Accountants in Algeria

Korichi Kheireddine , Redjem Khaled , Harouz Nouralhouda

This study, aims to identify the contribution of the accounting information system to the quality of financial information in the Algerian environment. We analysed 40 questionnaires distributed among accountants in accounting institutions and offices in OUARGLA- ALGERIA. The results of the analysis showed ...

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The Relationship between Product Mix Elements and Consumer Buying Behavior– A Case of Jordan

Zakaria Ahmad Azzam , Nafez Nimer Ali

This study aims to identify the relationship between product mix elements and consumer's buying behavior in Amman City – Jordan .To identify the relationship between product mix elements and consumer's buying behavior, specific independent variables such as product package , brand name , product ...

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The Impact of the Skills of Dealing with Patients on the Quality of Health Service Applied Study on a Sample of Private Hospitals in Khartoum State

Mohamed Hassan Hafez , Nizak Abdallah Hamed Ali , Abdel Gfar Abdallah Hamed Ali

This study aimed to identify the impact of the skills of dealing with patients on the quality of health service in private hospitals in Khartoum State. The main study tool was the questionnaire. To achieve results, the study used path analysis method. The study reached a number of results; the most important ...

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The Role of Governance in Reducing Creative Accounting Practices and their Impact on the Quality of Information

Rogia Eltayb Ali Ahmed

The study aims to demonstrate the role played by governance in reducing creative accounting practices, which are considered to be the main causes of the financial collapse and the impact on the quality of accounting information, which is the main tool for making good decisions. To achieve the goal of ...

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The Impact of Managerial Leadership on Applying Principles of Total Quality Management: Qatar Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Case Study

Farid M. Qawasmeh , Twaim Turki Twaim Al-Merri

This study aims to identify the impact of managerial leadership on applying principles of total quality management (TQM) at Qatar Ministry of Trade and Industry. To achieve the study objective, the researchers developed a questionnaire consisting of (44) items, distributed among five dimensions. The ...

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The Impact of Implementing International Auditing Standard 700 (Reporting) in Developing Jordanian External Auditor Report Quality in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Nazem Saeb Abdel Kader Al sherideh , Younis Alian Al Shobaki

The study aimed to uncover the impact of the application of the International Auditing Standard 700 (Preparation of the Report) on its dimensions in upload the quality of the external auditor's report in its dimensions in Jordanian commercial banks. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher ...

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The role of artificial intelligence techniques using digital auditing in achieving audit quality and supporting the audit strategy from the point of view of auditors (A field study in audit firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain)

Ammar Essam Al-Sammarraee , Nadya Abdul-Jabbar Al-Shareeda

Audit companies in Bahrain use the study aimed to identify the role of electronic audit in achieving the auditing quality, support the strategy of that by testing a set of hypotheses addressing the role of electronic audit in achieving the auditing quality, and support the strategy of audit in Bahrain ...

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The impact of corporate governance on the financial reporting quality in Saudi banks

Ahmed Zakaria Zaki Osemy

This research aims to define the association between improving the quality of financial reporting process and achieving positive changes in operating income and comprehensive income by means of applying corporate governance requirements in the banks of the KSA. The research showed a positive relationship ...

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Assessing the Quality of the Nursing Care Service from the Perspective of Patients in Sudanese Hospitals

Mohammad Al-Hassan Sharef Mohammad , Abdul Ghafar Abdullah Hamid Ali

The present study aimed at assessing the quality of nursing service from the point of view of the hypnotized patients in Sudanese hospitals. The study used a random proportionate Stratified Sample method. The sample consists of a number of private and public hospitals. The questionnaire was distributed ...

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The Impact of Applying Total Quality Management in Smart Organizations: An Applied Study in Computer Information Systems Companies

Mohamed Abdel-Al Nuaimi , Abdullah Ahmad Alshourah , Rawan Thaher Al-Tarawneh

This research study aimed to identify the impact of the application of total quality management, in the smart organization on computer information systems companies. The main field of this study included (39) computer information systems companies in Jordan. Furthermore, the importance of this study ...

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