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The Role of Administrative Leadership Styles in Strengthening the Behaviour of Organizational CitizenshipIn the Housing Sector Case Study of the Agency of Promotion and Real Estate Management of the State of Ghardaia

Abdelkader Debboune , Abdelatif Saiti

This study (paper) aimed at identifying the types of Modern Administrative Leadership styles (transformational Leadership type, exchange Leadership type, ethical leadership type and emotional intelligence Leadership type) and the extent of its support for the behaviour of organizational citizenship of ...

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Assessing the Factor that Determines Enterprise Risk Management: Special Emphasis on Tomato Production Value Chains in East Showa zone, Ethiopia

Zerihun Ayenew Birbirsa , Emnet Negash Debele

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) deals with the broader risk management of an enterprise and then extracting every possible means by which an organization able to with stand those risks. The study aims at assessing the factor that determines enterprise risk management. The target population of this study ...

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Effect of Entrepreneurial leadership on Maximizing Competitiveness An Applied to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)

Abdullah Mohammad Nekhailan AL-Mutairi

Entrepreneurial conception is widely adopted by institutions with multiple interpretations attempting to determine the dimensions of such a vital element stressing how the concept has extended to cover strategic management being the opposite face in entrepreneurial business as institutions seek to strengthen ...

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The Impact of Managerial Leadership on Applying Principles of Total Quality Management: Qatar Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Case Study

Farid M. Qawasmeh , Twaim Turki Twaim Al-Merri

This study aims to identify the impact of managerial leadership on applying principles of total quality management (TQM) at Qatar Ministry of Trade and Industry. To achieve the study objective, the researchers developed a questionnaire consisting of (44) items, distributed among five dimensions. The ...

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Strategic leadership and its role on achieving smart organization (case study of the Palestinian cellular communications company Jawwal)

Fida’ Abdel Hameed Qarmash , Fayez Juma Al Najjar

The study aimed to identify the role of strategic leadership on achieving smart organization in Jawwal company for Palestinian cellular communications, due to the importance of strategic leadership in the success of organizations, and its role in achieving smart organizations, and enhance the opportunities ...

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Transformational leadership and its impact on strategic performance, moderating role of quality of work life applied study at the Jordanian customs department

Ahmad Karim Al-Habarneh , Ayoub Ahmad Al-Sawalha , Marwan Muhammad Abu Orabi

This study aimed at clarifying the transformational leadership and its impact on the strategic performance, applied study in the Jordanian Customs Department. The study population shall be from the Jordanian Customs Department. The study shall be based on a random sample of all employees in the upper ...

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The impact of visionary leadership on strategic growth: the mediating role of corporate social responsibility on the retail sector in Jordan

Kawkab of Musbah Ashti Al- Tamimi , Khaled Khalaf Al- Lafi

The study aimed to identify the impact of visionary leadership, in its different dimensions (vision, values, inspiration and empowerment), on strategic growth’s combined dimensions (expansion, innovation and sustainability). It also sought to explore the intermediate role of social responsibility ...

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The effect of management leadership on the performance of the employees of Dall group for food industries - Sudan, Khartoum Bahri

Mohammed Al-Awad El-Ameen Yousif

The study aimed to determine the impact of administrative leadership on the performance of employees through building work teams, providing motivation and the pattern of supervision in order to improve the performance of employees. The study followed the descriptive approach and the analytical approach ...

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The role of Saudi universities in adapting higher education outputs and the requirements of sustainable development according to vision (2030) in Saudi Arabia: An analytical study of the views of administrative leadership in the Qassim University

Inas Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shite

This study aimed to know the role of Saudi universities in the suitability of higher education outcomes and the requirements of sustainable development in accordance with the 2030 vision in Saudi Arabia from the point of view of administrative leadership in the Qaseem University. The study population ...

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The impact of strategic management in building the intelligent organization: the moderating role of strategic leadership in the Jordanian industrial pharmaceutical companies

Safaa Khalil Al-Qadi , Sahar Moh'd Abu Bakir

This study aimed at measuring impact of the strategic management with all of its dimensions (environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and control and evaluation) in the intelligent organization with its dimensions (continuous learning, adaptation and collective intelligence) ...

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