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An Analysis and Evaluation of the Investment Attraction and Investor Protection on the Direct Foreign Investment Flow and Business Environment in the Arab Countries

Badache Boubakeur

Foreign aid is essential to enhance economies at poor countries. Regarding to the United Nations approved article that richer countries should assist poor countries by 0.7% of the rich Gross National Product. But still many of these countries did not offer this percentage, where this is restated in 2015 ...

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Food Security as An Input to Arab Agricultural Integration

Boukhari Abdelhamid , Dridi Safia

The problem of food deficit in the Arab world is linked to the fragmentation of the Arab world and the lack of integrated strategic development planning at the national level, especially in the agricultural field. While the regional and international economic bloc has become a tool for economic and social ...

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Economic diversification in Algeria

Mohamed Nasser Hamidato , Baqaas Alssafiah

The issue of economic diversification has become very important in the priorities of the Arab countries due to the shocks of their economies due to their association with a certain sector without other sectors as well as the expansion of investment and the creation of new linkages between other sectors ...

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Agricultural investment and the role of supervisory institutions and financial and productive support in achieving food security

Majid Shabani , Ahmed bin Khalifa

Algeria, like the rest of the Arab countries in our time, suffers from a growing food deficit, as food production is not enough to cover the corresponding consumption, which calls for it to move towards importing from abroad with billions of dollars, and this works to weaken the country’s balance ...

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Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Macroeconomic Variables in Jordan

Khaled M. Al-Sawai'e

This study aims to obtain empirical evidence about foreign direct investment on some macroeconomic variables of the Jordanian economy for the period 1980-2013, using the model vector error correction; to indicate the direction of the causal relationship between the variables. The results of this study, ...

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Vector Autoregressive Analysis -VAR Foreign Direct Investment and Unemployment: Sudan, 1990-2016

Omer Ahmed Sayed Mohamed

The relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and Unemployment (UN) is a debatable issue. Accordingly, while some studies showed a positive impact of FDI on UN, others remarked a negative relationship between the two variables. In this study, we to use the analysis of vector autoregressive ...

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The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Trade: Empirical Evidence from Sri Lanka

NPG Samantha

Foreign direct investment and foreign trade are vital factors in economic growth and development. The purpose of this study is to investigate the long run relationship and short-run dynamics between the two variables in Sri Lankan context. The study applies the ARDL co-integration and bound test for ...

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The Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Foreign Direct Investment in Algeria During the Period 1990/2016

Qadri Nuriya , Fatima al- Zahra Sakhet

We have tried to examine the impact of fiscal policy and monetary policy on foreign direct investment flows in Algeria during the period 1990/2016, asking us to do so. Address the different definitions of fiscal and monetary policy and its objectives and instruments used to influence economic activity ...

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Stock Investment Decisions to Refund Level of Profits In Dealing Probability of Financial Market Risk

Fransiskus X Lara Aba , Felisia Irena

One of the objectives of this research is to know the types of shares that are undervalued and overvalued by applying Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) method, based on stock return and risk as a consideration in stock investment decision making process . In this study using the population on the company's ...

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Arab investments and their Role in Achieving Economic Growth For the Period (2017-1981) - A Standard Study

Sahira Hussein Zain Al-Thalabi , Sakna Jahih Faraj Al-Thalabi , Risan Abed Imam Khazal

Most countries consider investment to be an imperative and necessity for economic growth, a sensitive component and an effective tool to promote the economy because of the increase in production capacity and exploitation of human resources, but the management and direction of investment is the key and ...

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