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The Key Factor in Adverbs: A Study in Qur’anic Text in the Light of "What is Plausible in Adverbs is not so Anywhere Else" Principle

Hamdi Mahmoud Jabali

This study traces Qur’anic verses that contain seemingly problematic issues in terms of the fact that the adverb is one of their constituents. Allocating the adverbial key factor in such verses has never gained Arabic linguists' unanimity at all; these linguists have had different perspectives ...

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Intellectual Backgrounds to form Modern Arab Criticism A study in Rawhi Al-khalidi and Qustaki Al-himsi’s Work

Abdulrahman Alrasheed

This study seeks to highlight certain dimensions and intellectual backgrounds that prevailed in the Arab world during the Arab Renaissance Phase, and was clearly responsible for the emergence and development of Modern Arab Criticism, which was represented by values of rationality and freedom in essence ...

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Axiomatizing Elementary Arabic Syntax

A. Z. Obiedat

This article aims to apply the logical method of axiomatization to elementary Arabic syntax hoping to emulate the clarity, brevity, and interconnectedness of the classical treatise, i.e., Al-Ājrūmiyyah by al-Ṣinhājī (d. 723 h. / 1323 C.E.). This article presents the theory behind this method and the ...

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Study of the Current State and Practice of Arabic Language Education in Academic Departments (Case study: Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Department of Takhar University)

Sharifullah Ghafoori , Ainuddin Munib

Understanding and knowing the Arabic Language is the only way to know the Holy Qur’an and to delve deeper into its concepts, secrets and rulings because the Arabization of the Qur’an makes it is imperative for every Muslim to know and practice the Arabic Language, and familiarity with it ...

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The Aspectual Distinction in Arabic Morphology: A Study in the Structure of the Word

Hussein Abbas Al-Rafaiah

This paper aims at revealing the semantic value of the aspectual distinction in the Arabic morphological forms that were studied by the ancient, not the modern, morphologists who had not singled out a chapter/ section for it. This paper then is keen in collecting some of this value's dispersed issues ...

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Synchronicity in Arabic language (semantic study)

Fouad Hamada

Synchronicity has been frequently used in modern sciences, both linguistically and idiomatically, which necessitated ingraining its meaning and the manner it is used. As for our ancient linguistic dictionaries and grammatical resources, synchronicity has been neglected, and the grammarians confined themselves ...

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Transferring the hamza "A" in the Arabic language A linguistic study comparing the Quranic readings with the Palestinian dialect

Taqi eddin Mustafa Abdelbaset Al-Tamimi

This study combines the originality and the heritage represented in transferring the hamza '' glottal stop'' to the previous consonant in the modern Palestinian dialect. Also, it connects this to Arabic poetry and the ten major readings from the path of the Tyibt Al-nshr through Ibn al-Jazari’s ...

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Serial verbs in modern standard Arabic

Yasir Hameed Alotaibi

This paper aims to discuss serial verb constructions in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). It argues against the claim that this structure does not exist in MSA. We examined parallel structures in this paper: being verbs and what is called albadal ‘apposition’ in the traditional grammar of the ...

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Adjectives in Arabic

Yasir Hameed Alotaibi

The main aim of this paper is to describe the main adjectival constructions in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). It contributes a new analysis of an adjectival construction in MSA that was analysed in traditional grammar as a special postnominal adjectival construction, called the unreal adjectival ...

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Kashmiri Scholars; Translations and Efforts in Arab Studies

Mudaffar Ahmad Sheikh

In Kashmir, there lies a fertile region which has produced a large number of scholars and writers who have contributed to the dissemination of Islamic literature and the development of Arabic language and literature throughout the ages. They received an eminent acquiescence and recognition in both the ...

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