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A Proposed Vision for the Development of Educational Psychology in Egyptian Universities

Waleed Mohammad Abu-Alma'aty

This study aimed to formulate a vision for the future development of the specialization of educational psychology in Egyptian universities by describing and analyzing the reality of specialization. The strategic planning methodology was adopted in the study by describing the reality of educational psychology ...

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Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program for the Development of Educational Counselors’ Professional Competencies to Deal with Autistic Children in the Tulkarm Governorate

Rabi Shafiq Lutfi Uteir , Salah E-Din Hassan Mustafa Hamdan

This study aims to identify the effectiveness of a proposed training program for the development of educational counselors’ professional competencies to deal with autistic children in the Tulkarm governorate. The study sample consisted of 40 educational counselors in the Tulkarm Educational Directorate. ...

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The effectiveness of a proposed program in the perceptions of students of Falah bin Mohsen Al-Nabhani School for Basic Education (5-12) Towards the Phenomena of Throwing Garbage

Yasir Juma Al-Shuhoomi , Sameer Khalifa Al-Mamari , Bader Salim Al-Ghafri , Abdullah Khamis Ambusaidi

The current research aimed to identify the efficiency of a proposed program in the perceptions of students of Falah school towards the phenomena of throwing garbage. The population of the study was (729) students. The research sample consisted of (125) students. In order to achieve the aim of the study, ...

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A proposed Scenario for Developing Extra-Curricular School Activities in Light of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision (Middle School Case Study 25)

Ghada Ali Atef Al-Omari

This study aimed to get acquainted with the reality of student activities in middle female schools to teach east of Jeddah, their needs of laboratories and equipment necessary for their application, the extent of their adequacy, and identify obstacles to their implementation, and clarify the reality ...

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Examine the effectiveness of a proposed educational unit in providing some basic computer skills for preschool children

Maimoona M. M. H. Abdultawab

The aim of the current study is to examine the effectiveness of a proposed educational unit in providing some basic computer skills for preschool children. The researcher followed the quasi-experimental approach based on the design of two groups ،one of which represents the control group ،and the other ...

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A proposed perception to prepare a family education teacher in light of 2030 Saudi Arabia vision

Nwer salh farh allhedan , Tahne bint Abdul Rahman bin Ali al Muzaini

The study aimed to identify the reality of preparing a Family Education teacher in light of the 2030 Saudi Arabia Vision, in addition to building a proposed conception for preparing a family education teacher, and the study used the descriptive approach, and the study sample consisted of (169) teachers ...

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Distance education requirements in Saudi Arabia's universities to face the Corona pandemic (A proposed vision)

Mona Abdullah Al Samhan

The study aimed to uncover the requirements for distance education in universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront Corona. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher, through the descriptive and analytical study methodology, analyzed the literature and experiences related to distance ...

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A Proposal to Develop the Performance of Basic Education School Principals in Crisis Management in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Sultanate of Oman

Ahmed Yasir Al-Ruqaishi , Radhiya Sulaiman Al-Habsi

The current study aimed to prepare a proposed scenario for developing the performance of basic education school principals in managing crises in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher relied on the descriptive approach, in studying the reality ...

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Educational Decision-Making Skills for Secondary School Principals in Al-Kharj Governorate and A Proposed Scenario for Developing them in Light of Simon’s Theory

Reem Saqr Ali Al-Hilal

The study aimed at standing on the educational decision-making skills of secondary school principals in Al-Kharj Governorate and presenting a proposed vision for developing them in the light of Simon's theory. As well as revealing the differences between the opinions of the study sample members according ...

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A Proposed of the Job Description Card for Educational Supervisors (Technical Supervisors) in Public Education Areas in Kuwait

Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani , Ahood Yaser Aljadi , Hanan Fahad Almutairi

In order to achieve the educational reform process and invest in human cadres as a base for improving educational quality in planning, implementation and evaluation, the present study aimed to identify the reasons that require the development and preparation of a job description card for the occupants ...

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