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The Extent of Inclusion the Book of Jurisprudence for the Students of the First Grade Intermediate in Saudi Arabia for the Components of the Knowledge Economy

Huda Saad ALkatheri , Abdulmohsen Saif AL-Saif

This study aimed at: recognizing components of knowledge economy that should be included in the Jurisprudence course for girls in the first year intermediate in Saudi Arabia and knowing to what extent the course took into account these components. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers developed ...

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The Effect of Teaching Computerized Unit (Quick Basic) from the Computer Book on the Achievement of Second Grade Secondary School Students in the North West Badia Schools

Mohammad Rafe Saeed AL-Naimat

The study was aimed to investigate the effect of teaching a computer unit (Quick Basic) from computer book on the achievement of secondary school students in the schools of the North West Badia, accordance with the change of gender variables and the method of teaching and interaction between them. The ...

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The rights and duties of women included in the book of Fiqh (curriculums system) for the students of the first grade of secondary school

Yara Abdulmajeed Alabdulkareem , Tawfeeg Albedewi

This research is about "The rights and duties of women included in the book of Fiqh (curriculums system) for the students of the first grade of secondary school", and the aim of the research was to identify how frequent the Fiqh book (curricula system) for the first grade of secondary schools in Saudi ...

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The development of an educational unit in physics according to multiple intelligence and measuring its impact on the development motivational towards learning among 9th grade

Basma Dhaif Allah Al-Aqaila , Abdullah Muhammad Khataybah , Abdul-Raouf Muhammad Al-Ali Al-Dairi

This study aimed at designing an educational unit based on multiple intelligence and its effect on developing the motivation towards learning among students of the ninth grade, the study sample consisted of (42) students from the ninth grade of basic education in the monastery of the secondary school ...

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Degree of involvement of science textbook for the 4th grade in Jordan

Seham Nimer Amri , Abdullah Muhammad Khateebah , Idris Faleh Al-Momani

The purpose of this research is to identify the level of student involvement in the advanced Science textbook Science Book, the first experimental edition of the Harper Collins series for the 4th Grade in Jordan for the academic year(2019-2020), by: viewing the scientific content (text), pictures, figures ...

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The Human Rights Included and Proposed to be in Social Studies Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Levels in Jordan

Khadija Abdul Qadir Al-Odainat , Omar Hussain Al-Omari

The study aimed to identify human rights included in social studies textbooks for the primary and secondary levels in Jordan. The study sample consisted of (26) textbooks, and the descriptive analytical method was used, based on the content analysis method. The study tool consisted of a content analysis ...

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The Contents of Education Technology Included in the Basic Stage Books in Jordan and the Extent to which Teachers Use them in Teaching in the District of Al-Mazar Al-Janoubi in Jordan

Fatimah Khaled Al-Nawaisah , Omar Hussain Al-Omari

This study aimed at identifying the contents of education technology included in the basic stage books in Jordan and the extent to which teachers use them in teaching in the district of Al-Mazar Al-Janoubi in Jordan. The study used the survey analytical descriptive approach. The study sample consisted ...

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The Extent to which the Developed Science Textbook for the Sixth Grade in Jordan Includes the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS(

Areen Husein Ahmed Al-Shamailh

The study aimed to reveal the extent to which the developed science textbook for the Sixth grade in Jordan includes the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and the study followed the descriptive analytical approach to analyze science books for the Sixth grade; where a content analysis card was ...

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The Books that Contain the Most Anti-Corruption Concepts Among Social Studies Books in Jordan

Najat Muhammad Al-Marazaqa , Abdullah Azzam Al-Jarrah

The study aimed to identify the concepts of anti-corruption included in social studies books in Jordan. The study tool consisted of a content analysis card prepared by the researcher to analyze social studies books for the primary and secondary stages, and its validity and reliability were verified. ...

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The Degree to which Islamic Education Books for the Basic Stage Observe the Principles of Communicative and Constructivist Theory and a Proposal to Develop them in Light of those Principles

Omar Hussain Al-Omari , Bayan Azmi Al-Suqur

The study aimed to identify the principles of constructive and communicative theories included in Islamic education books for the basic stage in Jordan. The study sample consisted of all Islamic education books for grades from the first to the tenth grade. Content analysis card consisted of (19) principles ...

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