International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

Volume 9 - Issue 1 (7) | PP: 98 - 112 Language : العربية

Degree of involvement of science textbook for the 4th grade in Jordan

Seham Nimer Amri ,
Abdullah Muhammad Khateebah ,
Idris Faleh Al-Momani
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
2/4/2020 18/4/2020 1/5/2020 14/2/2021
The purpose of this research is to identify the level of student involvement in the advanced Science textbook Science Book, the first experimental edition of the Harper Collins series for the 4th Grade in Jordan for the academic year(2019-2020), by: viewing the scientific content (text), pictures, figures and activities which were calculated using Romey’s Formula, which measure the book involvement factor for the student, in content, pictures, figures, and activities, to all books pages, by researchers. In order to check its validity and invariability ,the population of the study consisted of the science book for the 4th grade, the results of involvement showed that the inclusion of educational content in the first part of the (student book) authoritarianism is inappropriate and does not involve the student in his learning process and has It reached (0.37), which is less than the acceptable range specified by Romey, quite the opposite in the second semester, where the inclusion of content in the second part of the student's book reached (0.49) which is a high percentage of involvement that allows the student to analyze, think, and conclude, while the student involvement in pictures and figures indicated a very high student involvement of the two parts, which as it was (1.3) in the first part and (1.07) in the second part, and this indicates the ability of pictures and figures to motivate students to think and conclude, As for the student involvement in activities, it was in the acceptable range, as it was in the first part of the “Student Book” (0.73), and it reached in the second part (0.9), which is in the high range, Thus, the researchers recommended reviewing the original version of Harper Collins textbooks series, by the publisher, and rewriting the scientific context first part of (student book), , and that there should new method for measuring the involvement of student book activities.

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