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Framework design for competitive marketing mechanism in Iraqi social media

Adil M. Salman , Marwa M.Ismaeel , Israa Ezzat Salem

Several organizations in Iraq manufacture similar commodities in this aggressive social trading. The objective of these organizations is diffusing information about their commodities publicly for popularity of the commodities in social media. More returns result in popular commodities and vice versa. ...

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The Impact of Consumer Perception of Electronic Promotional Deception through Social Media Platforms on Brand Benevolence and Brand Competency

Mo'atasem Oqab Al-Masoud , Mo'ataz Talat Mohammed Abdallah , Ali Abdullah Al-Hijris

The aim of this study is shed light on a new phenomenon which is deceptive promotion through social networks. This study aims to test if the consumers perceive this deceptive promotion and effect of this on trade mark perceptions and competences. The community of this study was formed from all the students ...

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The Effectiveness of E-Recruitment Software Over Other Online-Based Recruitment Methods

Atyeh Mohammed Alzhrani

This qualitative research article assesses the effectiveness of e-recruitment apps by focusing on the features that these platforms offer to the employer to make the recruitment process even more productive. To achieve this objective, the study compares the features of an e-recruitment app and a social ...

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The Impact of the Use of Social Networking Sites on Scientific Research in Sudanese Universities (University of Bahri as a Model)

Ahmed Hashim Mohammed Tahir , Aleem Al-haj Adam Abdel Raheem

The paper aimed to identify how to employ social media from programs and activities for the benefit of scientific research. The faculty members at University of Bahri were taken as a sample for the study. The study used the descriptive analytical method, depending on the questionnaire as a tool for the ...

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