Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 11 - Issue 3 (9) | PP: 452 - 460 Language : English

Framework design for competitive marketing mechanism in Iraqi social media

Adil M. Salman ,
Marwa M.Ismaeel ,
Israa Ezzat Salem
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
26/9/2021 20/10/2021 6/11/2021 1/1/2022
Several organizations in Iraq manufacture similar commodities in this aggressive social trading. The objective of these organizations is diffusing information about their commodities publicly for popularity of the commodities in social media. More returns result in popular commodities and vice versa. The development of a framework incorporating two organizations engaging to broaden the information to the large media has been undertaken. The organizations first identified their initial seed points concurrently and then data was scattered as per the Independent Cascade Model (ICM). The major objective of the organizations is the identification of seed points for the diffusion of data to several points in social media. Significant is also how fast data diffusion can be done. Data effect will arise from either none, one or more nodes in a social interconnection. Evaluation is also accomplished on the number of fraction parts in various sections are affected by the different rates of data diffusion. The simulation result for suggested framework presented better outcomes result for random network 1 and random network 2 comparing with regular network. This framework is used a Hotellingframwork of competition.

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