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Zakat: Mechanism of the Islamic Economy to Eradicate Poverty

Mohamed Neffati , Al Siddig Rahma

This paper examines the role of Zakat – the third pillar of Islamic- as an ideal God-reveled economic model aimed at balancing the disparity between rich and poor people in Muslim communities, thereby, setting a good example for other human societies to follow. This is presented as an effective ...

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Human Development Indicators: A Comparative Study Between the Positive and Islamic Economy

Shatha Mousa Rawabdeh

This study aims to study the Islamic perspective of human development through many indicators such as health, education and income, in addition to analyzing the reality of development in Jordan through human development indicators issued by the UNDP to formulate policies to raise human development levels ...

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Islamic Economics -Transformations and Opportunities

Kebiri Fatiha

Since the dawn of the Muhammadiyah mission until now the history of the Islamic economy has gone through several stages. Yet one could say that the prosperity or decline of the Islamic economy is derived from the adoption and application of the principles of Islamic law in general on this land. After ...

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Sovereign debt and its treatment in the time of Corona: an Islamic economics purvie

Ebrahim Hasan Mohammed Gamal , Abdulghani Ali Abdullah Saeed

This research aims to study the sovereign debts and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their size. It is a review of the processes that were used by the international groups with a demonstrative standpoint of the Islamic economics for the nature of these debts and the processing that was used. We ...

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