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The Impacts of Poverty and Unemployment on the Civil Peace Threatening "The Treatment Mechanisms in the Light of the Prophetic Guidance" Islamic Economy Assessment

Kholoud Ahmad Tanash , Mohamed Ahmed Ababnih

The study aims to demonstrate the impact of poverty and unemployment in the threat of civil peace, through search the concept of civil peace, poverty and unemployment and causes of and raised by. And follow the guidance is prophetic in addressing the phenomenon of poverty and unemployment as one of the ...

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The Role of Small Enterprises in Reducing Poverty and Unemployment for Beneficiaries from Development and Employment Fund Loans in Irbid Governorate

Shadi Yousef Al-Abdallah , Saher mohammad M. adous

This study aimed to highlight the role of small projects financed by the Development and Employment Fund in reducing poverty and unemployment. By demonstrating the contribution of small enterprises in fighting poverty, reducing unemployment and demonstrating the impact of small enterprises on improving ...

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Vector Autoregressive Analysis -VAR Foreign Direct Investment and Unemployment: Sudan, 1990-2016

Omer Ahmed Sayed Mohamed

The relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and Unemployment (UN) is a debatable issue. Accordingly, while some studies showed a positive impact of FDI on UN, others remarked a negative relationship between the two variables. In this study, we to use the analysis of vector autoregressive ...

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Determinants of poverty in Sudan - Analytical study (1990-2017)

Hiba Awad Alla Ali Hussin , Nadia Bushra Mohammed Ali

The research aimed to know the effect of economic policies on the poverty rate in Sudan for the period (1990 - 2017). Using the Atuo-Regressive Distributed lag (ARDL) to test and estimate factors affecting the poverty rate in Sudan in the short and long term in the period (2017-1990). The research reached ...

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Inflation and Unemployment in the South African Democratic Era: Is There Any Trade-off?

M. Jeza , L Greyling , KD Ilesanmi

South Africa has consistently suffered double-digit unemployment rates and unstable price levels, with a resultant stifling of economic growth rates. As a result, South Africa’s central bank policymakers have come under scrutiny regarding the adopted policy framework, which seems to be failing ...

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Analysing Economic Growth on Paid Work Growth in Mozambique

Harris Maduku , Mulatu Fekadu Zerihun

The central objective of this paper was to understand the contribution of economic growth on job creation (paid work) in Mozambique. This comes at a background when the country experienced a decade of significant economic growth and economic development, but poverty and unemployment remain a problem. ...

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The Impact of Public Spending on Unemployment: A Study on the Iraqi Economy for the Period 2004-2021

Saad A. Hammad , Ammar Abdel Hadi Shallal , Ali Kareem Ata Allah , Faisal Ghazi Faisal , Thakir Hadi Abdullah

Objectives: The study Objective is to show the effect of public spending on unemployment rates in the economy of Iraq. Basically, the study aims to determine whether the public spending carried out by the government, affects negatively or positively the unemployment rates. Methods: (ARDL) an autoregressive ...

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