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The impact of living conditions and organizational practices as brain drain cause factors on the human resource assets of the health sector in the Gaza strip – Palestine

Sami Ali Abou-AL-Ross , Tarneem N. AlWaheidi

This study aims at identifying the impact of some of the cause factors of brain drain, particularly, living conditions and organizational practices, on the human resource assets of the health sector in the Gaza Strip, clarifying the role of those factors in increasing the brain drain phenomenon and what ...

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The Accounting Measurement of Human Capital and its Impact on Raising the Efficiency of Performance by Applying to King Khalid University

Salwa Derar Awad Mohammed

The research aims to identify the impact of the human capital accounting on the efficiency of performance by applying to King Khalid University. The problem was that the human capital was dealt with only in terms of payroll and salary registration, ie, only as current expenditure. As human capital provides ...

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The extent to which university education contributes to the development of human capital

Abeer Bakri Siralkhatim , Salwa Derar Awad Mohammed , Engy Ahmed Mostafa

This research seeks to clarify the role of university education in developing human capital and identify the main components of human capital, and try to identify the extent of the community college interest in King Khalid University in developing and developing its human capital and to ensure the existence ...

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Organizational Culture and its Impact on Human Capital: The Moderating Role of Strategic Intelligence at the Ministry of Health in State of Kuwait

Hajar Abdul Hamid Athman Alwady , Fayez Jomah Alnajjar

The study aimed to know the impact of organizational culture with its dimensions (values, beliefs, trust, attitudes, participation) on human capital with its combined dimensions (skills, experiences, capabilities, knowledge, innovation), and the modified role of strategic intelligence in the Ministry ...

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The Role of Intellectual Capital in Achieving Creativity -An Empirical Study on the Applied Colleges in King Khalid University

Rawabi Hassan Alshehri

This study attempts to investigate the role of intellectual capital in achieving creativity among faculty members and their equivalents in the Applied Colleges in King Khalid University. The IC components are (structural, human, social, and physiological capital) and their effect on the faculty members ...

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