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Software Piracy in Developing Countries: Prevalence, Causes and Some Propositions

Tafer Zoheir , Abbar Mohammed

Innovation is often described as key factors of competitiveness, as the driving force of the economy or as the basis of growth. This may be somewhat exaggerated, but it must be admitted that there cannot be any scientific advances without innovations, both are somewhat synonymous and correlated by a ...

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An Assessment of the Relevance of Development Administration as a System of Action in Developing Nations

Adam Adem Anyebe

Development administration is of a recent origin. The concept usually refers to the directly government-led effort to intervene in the process of socio-economic development of a nation with modernisation, socio-economic development, institution building, and creation of an integrated political community ...

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Methods of Developing Human Resource Management in Islamic Banks in Gaza Governorates and their Impact on Achieving Total Quality

Yasser Abed Taha Al-Shurafa , Hani Rabhi Ahmed Abdel Aal

This study aimed to identify methods of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates and their impact on achieving total quality. The study population included all employees in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates (Palestine Islamic Bank, and Arab Islamic Bank) totaling (218) employees. ...

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The Impact of Implementing International Auditing Standard 700 (Reporting) in Developing Jordanian External Auditor Report Quality in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Nazem Saeb Abdel Kader Al sherideh , Younis Alian Al Shobaki

The study aimed to uncover the impact of the application of the International Auditing Standard 700 (Preparation of the Report) on its dimensions in upload the quality of the external auditor's report in its dimensions in Jordanian commercial banks. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher ...

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Analysis of the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic development: The case of the upper-middle-income developing economies

Khaled M. Al-Sawai'e

This study aims to analyze the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic development of the upper-middle-income developing economies from 1970 to 2016. The dynamic Panel data model were used; the results confirmed a short- and long-term causal relationship between the two variables ...

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Impact of Cloud Management in Developing Smart Organization Case Study: Ministry of Health in Kuwait

Hajar Abdul Hamid Athman Alwady , Haneen Ahmed Farid Al-Sobh

The current study aimed at identifying the Impact of Cloud Management in Developing Smart Organization Case Study: Ministry of Health in Kuwait. The researchers have applied the descriptive analytical approach, and have also developed a questionnaire as a tool for data gathering .The study sample has ...

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The role of external audit in developing the level of strategic performance for organizations - the field study

Shereif Mohamed Abdel Hamid El Sheikh

Strategic planning is the modern tool for achieving the aspiration of senior management, and for the success of the strategic planning process to be achieved at the organization level, there must be a tool that monitors, audits and measures the level of the organization's strategic performance, and the ...

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Discuss developed Islamic insurance models by Jordan Islamic bank

Abdullah Ibrahim Nazal , Yahya Abdullah Khassawneh

This paper aims to discuss Reciprocal Insurance Fund Model (RIFM) and Islamic Insurance Company Model (IICM) which developed by Jordan Islamic Bank. It discusses difference of developing than traditional insurance services based on customers' needs. It depends on discuss annual financial reports in order ...

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he role of knowledge in developing the organizational management and raising the performance level of employees in the institutions of higher education (A Field study in the Faculties of Al-Mahalla campus in Khamis Mushait - King Khalid University)

Reda Abdelfattah Ibrahim Mohamed

University education institutions are characterized by the breadth of their activities, the diversity of their fields, and the multiplicity of departments within them, This leads to the interest in developing its administration to match the increase in the level of services it provides to the beneficiaries, ...

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The Impact of The Quality of Work Life on Developing Job Engagement: A Field Study Applied to the Ministry of Sports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Samerah Abdullah Hsain Al-Kazlah

Objectives: This study aims to clarify the impact of the quality of work life as a modern administrative style with its dimensions represented in (fairness of the wage and rewards system, job security, participation in decisions) on the development of job engagement behavior among employees in the Saudi ...

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