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Human Resources Management and its Role in the Application of TQM Applied to the Sudanese Company for Thermal Generation During the Period 2002-2012

Abubaker Dawelbet Abubaker Mohammed , Hamza Abdallah Abdalrhman Yahya , Abdelshafi Mohammed Abbaker Younis

This research tackles human recourse management and its role in applying total quality management to be applied in Sudanese thermal generating company during the period from 2002 to 2011. The problem of this research is that there is misconception in managerial philosophy of human resources in Sudanese ...

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Vocational Training and its Role to Poverty Reduction in Sudan: an Applied Study Red Sea State

Badreldin Mohamed Ahmed Abdulrahman , Sumaya Awad Khader Ahmed

The Purpose of this study is to shed light to the role played by vocational training projects (VTP) to reduce poverty in Red Sea State, Sudan. The problem of the study concentrated on challenges and willingness facing youth to VTP. We adopted descriptive and analytical method to analyze questionnaire ...

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The Effect of Using Balanced Scorecard in Amendment of the Financial Performance Evaluation of non-Profit Organizations (A Study Case of Al-Basar International Foundation- Sudan)

Omar Alsir Hassan Mohammed , Logman Maroof Fadel Mohammed

The problem of the study lies in the insufficiency that found in the performance amendment methods and the traditional control which have become unsuitable for facing changes in the modern business environment,,,, Eventually, the question of the study can be formulated as follows: Does the use of the ...

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Vector Autoregressive Analysis -VAR Foreign Direct Investment and Unemployment: Sudan, 1990-2016

Omer Ahmed Sayed Mohamed

The relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and Unemployment (UN) is a debatable issue. Accordingly, while some studies showed a positive impact of FDI on UN, others remarked a negative relationship between the two variables. In this study, we to use the analysis of vector autoregressive ...

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Relationship Between Organizational Conflicts and Job Satisfaction in Public Institutions A case Study of Ministry of Education, Gezira State, Sudan (2006 - 2013)

Othman Taj Alsar Mousaed Hamed , Dareen Ezzeddine Abidine Hamdato , Mohammed Kamal Aljak

This research aimed at studying the relationship between the organizational conflict and job satisfaction through studying the most important factors and reasons for the organizational conflict and studying the suitable method for administering these conflicts. That was done by using a random sample ...

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The Relationship Between Customer's Knowledge and Customer's Loyalty of Sudanese Commercial Banks

Babiker Alissa the Khalifa

This study aimed to identify the relationship between customer's knowledge and customer's loyalty of Sudanese commercial banks. The study was applied on arandom sample of400 clients dealing with commercial banks. Statistical tests such as regression analysis and correlation were utilized in the process ...

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The Role of Material Factors in Job Satisfaction for Researchers in the Agricultural Research Institution in Sudan

Abu Sufian Mohammed Elbashir , Elfadil Timan Idriss , Ishraga Zeinelabdein Magzoub , Amal Bashir Shakrat Allah

The study dealt with the role of material factors in job satisfaction for researchers in the Agricultural Research Institutions in Sudan. The study aimed to identify the degree of job satisfaction of researchers in research institutions, in addition to identifying the role of elements of material incentives ...

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Measuring the Quality of Bank Services in Sudan

Dafalla Gasimalla Abd Elkaafi Mohamed

The study examined the measurement of the quality of the services of banks operating in Sudan from the point of view of customers. The research was based on the gap approach to measure the level of quality of banking services based on the scale of the perceived quality of Servqual to compare the actual ...

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The Impact of the Joint Audit on the External Auditor Report in Sudanese Business Environment- Field Study

Adam Mohamed Ahmed Omer , Mohamed Ishag Eisa , Omer Alsir Mohammed

The objective of this study is to measure the effect of the joint audit on the external auditor report in Sudanese business environment. The problem stated is that: the external auditor report confidence is considered as a basic requirement for the companies stakeholders. The question raised is: is there ...

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The Impact of Strategic Management in Employees Empowerment Case Study: Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company

Altaj Mohammed Mohammed Ali Hamid , Hussam El-Din Abdel- Aziz Mostafa Mohamedany

This study aims to test the Impact of Strategic Management on the Employees Empowerment. The main Hypothesis of the study was that: There is a positive correlation between Strategic Management Concepts and the Dimensions of Employee Empowerment (delegation of Authority, Participation in Decisionmaking, ...

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