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The Importance adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

sofiane hamadouche

This research aims to highlight the importance of adopting the culture of corporate Social Responsibility. The conviction of corporate members, especially the top management, contributes to the diffusion of awareness of social responsibility and adoption of Sustainable Development principles for all ...

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Impact of Financial Analysis on Performance in Industrial Sector in British on Social Responsibility in Corporate

Hassab Elrasul Yousuf. AL Tom shihabeldeen

The aim of this paper is to perform an analysis of the financial position, performance, social and corporate responsibility, SWOT and valuation of the two companies McBride plc. &, Headlam Group is British flooring company. The financial analysis, that shows that Headlam group Plc is performing much ...

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The Role of Financial Inclusion from National Banks in the Achievement of Social Responsibility Towards Clients - Case Study– the Islamic Banks Working in Gaza Strip

Yasser Abed Taha Al-Shurafa , Haneen Mohammed Badr Ajour

This study aimed to identify the role of the contribution of financial inclusion dimensions in the achievement of social responsibility to clients of Islamic banks in the Gaza Strip during the year 2016. This has been achieved through presenting the concept of financial inclusion, its importance, objectives, ...

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Enhance the Brand's Electronic Adaptation to the Needs of Millenium Customers to Attract them to Online Shopping By Applying to Arab Countries in the Middle East

Abeer Elsayed Fayed

The present study has addressed an important topic for Internet marketers, namely, "Enhancing the electronic adaptation of trademarks over the Internet to meet the needs of the millennium generation to attract them to buy from Arab countries in the Middle East." The study focused on attracting the millennium ...

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Organizational Environment impact on Social Responsibility Implementation in Private Hospitals (KSA): A case Study of Private Hospitals in Najran City

Mohamed El Amine Mohamed , Rami Osama Al Ali , Hanan Mohamed Abdelkader

This study aimed to identify organizational environment dimensions effect on social responsibility dimensions implementation in private hospitals in Najran city (Saudi Arabia). To get results, study used linear regression factor according to primary data that collected through questionnaire tool and ...

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The impact of visionary leadership on strategic growth: the mediating role of corporate social responsibility on the retail sector in Jordan

Kawkab of Musbah Ashti Al- Tamimi , Khaled Khalaf Al- Lafi

The study aimed to identify the impact of visionary leadership, in its different dimensions (vision, values, inspiration and empowerment), on strategic growth’s combined dimensions (expansion, innovation and sustainability). It also sought to explore the intermediate role of social responsibility ...

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The impact of corporate social responsibility on earnings quality in UK listed firms

Zuhur Alatawi

A business committed to CSR activities can establish a favourable reputation in the market hence this reputation can be used to mislead the market by making them rely on the financial reporting of the organisation. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between CSR and earnings quality for ...

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The Mediating Role of the of Employees Efficiency in the Relationship Between Internal Social Responsibility and the Perceived Mental Image of Employees

Alfatih Ez Aldeen Awad Alkreem Ahmed , Ahmed Edris Abdu Edris

This study aimed to identify the role of the employees' efficiency  in the relationship between internal social responsibility and the perceived mental image of employees in service companies operating in Sudan. The study used the descriptive approach, as it relied on the  non probabilistic ...

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The Extent to which Shariah-Compliant Banks are Committed to Implementing Social Responsibility Accounting (An Applied Study of Banks Operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Mohammed Hanif Alqathami , Aida Osman Abdalla

Objectives: The research dealt with the extent of the commitment of banks compliant with Islamic law to apply accounting for social responsibility (an applied study of banks operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The concept and importance of accountability for social responsibility and to determine ...

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