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The Impacts of Poverty and Unemployment on the Civil Peace Threatening "The Treatment Mechanisms in the Light of the Prophetic Guidance" Islamic Economy Assessment

Kholoud Ahmad Tanash , Mohamed Ahmed Ababnih

The study aims to demonstrate the impact of poverty and unemployment in the threat of civil peace, through search the concept of civil peace, poverty and unemployment and causes of and raised by. And follow the guidance is prophetic in addressing the phenomenon of poverty and unemployment as one of the ...

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Food Security as An Input to Arab Agricultural Integration

Boukhari Abdelhamid , Dridi Safia

The problem of food deficit in the Arab world is linked to the fragmentation of the Arab world and the lack of integrated strategic development planning at the national level, especially in the agricultural field. While the regional and international economic bloc has become a tool for economic and social ...

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Agricultural investment and the role of supervisory institutions and financial and productive support in achieving food security

Majid Shabani , Ahmed bin Khalifa

Algeria, like the rest of the Arab countries in our time, suffers from a growing food deficit, as food production is not enough to cover the corresponding consumption, which calls for it to move towards importing from abroad with billions of dollars, and this works to weaken the country’s balance ...

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The Impact Of Government Support For Wheat On The Budget Deficit

Bashar Younis Al-Khawaldeh , Ibrahem Al-Batayneh

This study aimed to measure the impact of government support for wheat on the budget deficit in Jordan during the period (1990-2015), using a multiple regression model. The results showed the following: All variables became stable after taking the first difference, as demonstrated joint integration testing ...

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The Role of Insurance Sector in the Development of the Economy of Oman

Muawya Ahmed Hussein , Md. Shabbir Alam

Financial mediators carry out the function of directing saving into domestic investment. They simplify effectual distribution of capital resources, which on the other side increase productivity and improve economic effectiveness which leads to decrease capital output ratio. The insurance sector performs ...

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The Role of Job Security as a Mediating Variable in the Relationship between Human Competencies and Achieving Institutional Excellence for Industrial Companies in Al Wusta Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman

Muawya Ahmed Hussein , Mattar Salloum Musallam Al-Junaibi

The study aimed to identify the role of job security as a mediating variable in the relationship between human competencies and achieving institutional excellence for industrial companies in the Al Wusta Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher designed ...

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The Impact of After-Sales Services on Achieving Competitive Advantage A field Study on Some Electrical Tool’s Companies in El-Obeid City

Aleem Al-haj Adam Abdel Raheem , Abdul-Aziz Hassan Abdul-Aziz

This study dealt with the impact of after-sales services on achieving competitive advantage as a field study on some electrical tool’s companies in El-Obeid city. The questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach to analyze the ...

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The Role of Agricultural Marketing in Improving Food Security in Jordan

Ehsan Ali Al-Salaimeh

The aim of the study was to identify the role of agricultural marketing in improving food security in Jordan. The researcher used the qualitative curriculum. The tool was to prepare a comparative interview, verified its honesty and consistency by the correct scientific methods and distributed to an intentional ...

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Economic Analysis of the Effect of Social Capital on Food Security Status of Micro-Credit Households in Ekiti State Nigeria

Olaniyi O. Ojo , Taiwo T Amos , Olubunmi L Balogun , Isaac B Oluwatayo

This study examined the effects of social capital on food security status of microcredit households in Ekiti-state, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling procedure was used in selecting the sample for the study. The data for the study were collected by using a well-structured questionnaire from three hundred ...

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