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Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal communication department management in Saudi universities “A field study on King Khalid University"

Samar Mohammad Altaher Yaseen , Tahani Hassan Othman Abu Red

The present study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Internal Communication Department at King Khalid University (KKU). The study used the descriptive analytical approach. The questionnaire was adopted as a tool for the study. A random sample of (100) employees working at King Khalid University was ...

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Evaluating the Adequacy of the Current Content of Forensic Accounting in the Accounting Programs in Saudi Universities

Abuamarah Mustafa , Ahmed bin Abdul-Karim Al-Harkan

This study aimed to assess the adequacy of the current content of Forensic accounting in the accounting programs of Saudi universities, A field study was done conducted on the faculties of business and administration in Saudi universities, A set of results was reached: Forensic Accounting is not covered ...

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Role of faculty members on the performance of Saudi universities

Abdullah Mohammad Ali Al-Wahaibi

Faculty members at universities are responsible for teaching and scientific research. They are the cornerstone of the ongoing process of development that all societies seek to achieve. Following this search, a quantitative research method is proposed using a simple random sample. The data were collected ...

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Colleges of Business Administration in Saudi Universities to Guide and Serve Saudi Community (Focus on College of Business Administration at MU)

Abdul Jalil Mohammad Hassan Idris

Objective of this research is to find out role colleges of business in Saudi universities to guide and serve the Saudi community, through a review of its leadership in community service, and to assess the extent of their contribution to the well-being of this community, and shed light on the most important ...

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The role of Saudi universities in adapting higher education outputs and the requirements of sustainable development according to vision (2030) in Saudi Arabia: An analytical study of the views of administrative leadership in the Qassim University

Inas Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shite

This study aimed to know the role of Saudi universities in the suitability of higher education outcomes and the requirements of sustainable development in accordance with the 2030 vision in Saudi Arabia from the point of view of administrative leadership in the Qaseem University. The study population ...

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The Relationship between Strategic Agility and the Ability to Manage Crises in Saudi Universities “An Applied Study on King Khalid University”

Najla Ghazy Hamed Al-Yaha , Salim Bourchid Abdelkader

The study aimed at identifying the relationship between the strategic agility and the ability to manage the crisis for the officials of the King Khaled University. The analytical descriptive methodology was adopted. In addition, a questionnaire formed of (52) items distributed on (207) of the officials ...

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