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Mechanisms to Improve the Practice of Internal Auditing in Algeria in light of the Reality of Practice and the New Requirements of the Profession

Laib Abderrahmane

The aim of this article is to provide a number of mechanisms that allow for the improvement of internal audit activity in Algeria in a manner that allows it to prove its effectiveness and efficiency, in line with the new requirements of the international framework for practicing this profession and in ...

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Stock Investment Decisions to Refund Level of Profits In Dealing Probability of Financial Market Risk

Fransiskus X Lara Aba , Felisia Irena

One of the objectives of this research is to know the types of shares that are undervalued and overvalued by applying Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) method, based on stock return and risk as a consideration in stock investment decision making process . In this study using the population on the company's ...

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Use of Data Mining for the Assessment of the Mudaraba Performance Risk in the Light of Macroeconomic Factors

K. Chelhi , M. El Hachloufi , M. Elfar , A. Eddaoui , A. Marzak

In this article, we present an approach to evaluate a Mudaraba project financed by the Islamic bank, taking into account macroeconomic indicators for the estimation of performance and risk. For conventional banks, interest rate credit is the main source of income. On the other hand, for Islamic banks, ...

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Knowledge management and its processes as a strategic instrument to reduce risks facing business organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia A study of expert opinions

Ebtehal Saleh Freeh Allhidan

The study aimed to identify the applications and processes of knowledge management as a strategic instrument to reduce the risks facing business organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a study of the opinions of experts. The study used the content analysis method, in addition to the Delphi ...

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Assessing the Factor that Determines Enterprise Risk Management: Special Emphasis on Tomato Production Value Chains in East Showa zone, Ethiopia

Zerihun Ayenew Birbirsa , Emnet Negash Debele

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) deals with the broader risk management of an enterprise and then extracting every possible means by which an organization able to with stand those risks. The study aims at assessing the factor that determines enterprise risk management. The target population of this study ...

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Effect of Entrepreneurial leadership on Maximizing Competitiveness An Applied to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)

Abdullah Mohammad Nekhailan AL-Mutairi

Entrepreneurial conception is widely adopted by institutions with multiple interpretations attempting to determine the dimensions of such a vital element stressing how the concept has extended to cover strategic management being the opposite face in entrepreneurial business as institutions seek to strengthen ...

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The Risk of Notoriety in Islamic Banks

W. Kamili , M. Elhachloufi , A. Elmarzouki

In this paper, we demonstrate the importance of the risk of notoriety for Islamic banking, in addition to other financial and non-financial risks. We present the results of a survey carried out targeting the active population of the city of Rabat in Morocco, which main objective is to detect the most ...

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The impact of geopolitical risks and the human development on foreign direct investment inflows in Iraq for the period (2004-2018)

Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad , Bayar MohamedRasheed Marane , Hazheen Mardan Mustafa

This study aims to know the effect of geopolitical, financial and human factors on FDI flows to Iraq for the annual period (2004-2018) using multiple linear regression, and the results showed that the reality of foreign direct investment in Iraq is explained by political, financial and human factors ...

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The Optimal Acceptance Sampling Plan: Goal Programing Models

Fuad Saeed Yousif Saad , Fath Elrahman Taj Eldeen Shaa Eldeen , Mohamed Abu Elgassim Mohamed Hassanen , Hamoud Mohammed Saad Alomar

Acceptance sampling is the statistical method used to accept or reject product based on a random sample of the products. When done correctly, accepting sampling is effective for quality control. The acceptance number (c) and the sample size (n) are the basic objectives of any sampling plan. This study ...

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