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The impact of international trade on the labor market in Algeria

REKRAK Mounia , KADRI Nouria , Boutaleb kouider

The purpose of this work is to verify quantitatively the effect of the opening of the Algerian economy on the movement of creation and destruction of jobs in manufacturing industry, by apply in the method of the content and use of trade econometric analysis that will subsequently identify the potentially ...

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Evaluation the Impact of Trade Openness on the Competitiveness of Saudi Women in the Labor Market under the Kingdom Vision of 2030 - A comparative Study with the Gulf Countries

Ahmad Aref Assaf

Over the past three decades, many developing countries have undertaken economic reforms including trade liberalization policies, and there has been increasing interest in the gender impact of these reforms. As with any other economic policy, trade policies are likely to have gender disparities because ...

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The extent of professional and craft skills development on meeting labor market requirements at Asir area in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Faigaa Al-Ameen Al-Awad Al-Ameen

The study aims to identify the reality of developing vocational and professional skills and meeting the requirements of the labor market, by application to (Al-Rajhi Bank - Community Colleges) - Aseer region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 calling for the ...

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The role of electronic accounting education on the requirements of the labor market in light of the Corona pandemic, by application to King Khalid University

Salwa Derar Awad Mohammed , Abeer Bakri Siralkhatim , Engy Ahmed Mostafa

The study aimed to find out the extent of the contribution of electronic accounting education of King Khalid University to the development of professional skills of students, and to achieve this goal, the study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach through a questionnaire that included professional ...

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The Effect of Administrative Coaching on Enhancing Employee Capability: An Applied Study in the Saudi Labor Market

Bara Salah Fattani , Bander M. Alrebeay

Objectives: The current research focuses on studying the effect of administrative coaching on enhancing employees' capabilities, such as performance and innovation. This research assumes a significant shift toward enhancing the roles of guiding and coaching leaders in response to contemporary business ...

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The Impact of Fictitious Employment on the Labor Market Requirements- An Applied Study on Commercial Establishments in Al-Qunfudhah Governorate

Fawaz Ali Al-Ghamdi , Al-Mahi Muhammad Fadlallah

Objectives: This research aims to identify the impact of fictitious employment on the labor market requirements through the fictitious employment variables (operating variables, productivity level, legal requirements). To answer the research questions, a survey was used as a primary data collection tool ...

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