Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 13 - Issue 5 (1) | PP: 285 - 402 Language : العربية

The Effect of Administrative Coaching on Enhancing Employee Capability: An Applied Study in the Saudi Labor Market

Bara Salah Fattani ,
Bander M. Alrebeay
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
9/7/2023 30/7/2023 30/9/2023 5/11/2023
Objectives: The current research focuses on studying the effect of administrative coaching on enhancing employees' capabilities, such as performance and innovation. This research assumes a significant shift toward enhancing the roles of guiding and coaching leaders in response to contemporary business challenges characterized by competitiveness and uncertainty. This study contributes to the scientific literature on the changing traditional roles of managers in the workplace, especially as organizations are delegating some HR management responsibilities to managers. This practically means expanding their roles beyond mere supervising, planning, and performing appraisal to actively contribute to employee training and development. To achieve the study's objectives, it analyzed the impact of the dimensions of managerial coaching (open communication, team approach, valuing people, accepting ambiguity, and facilitating development) on employees' functional capability (represented by two dimensions: performance capability and innovation capability). Methods: In order to achieve the objectives of the study; The researcher used the descriptive analytical method and applied it to a random sample consisting of (270) individuals working in the Saudi labor market. Results: The results showed a statistically significant effect at the significance level (Alpha less than or equal 0.05) of administrative coaching with its five dimensions on employees' capability, encompassing both performance and innovation capabilities. Conclusion: Based on these results, the study concludes that managers who practice coaching effectively engage with their employees, provide them with greater value, and focus on their development. They also emphasize team-based work approaches. The study also highlights the importance of managers practicing coaching skills as it enables employees to share constructive opinions, even if they differ from their managers' perspectives, thereby enhancing their functional capabilities. Additionally, managers tend to experiment with innovative and creative solutions to the problems they encounter and encourage their subordinates to take risks and explore new solutions, thus enhancing their innovation capabilities.

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