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The Impact of Incentives on Job Performance- An Empirical Study on Khamis Mushayt Community College- King Khalid University

Rawabi Hassan Alshehri

The study aimed to identify the impact of incentives on the job performance at King Khalid University. To achieve this goal, the researcher designed a questionnaire to test the study hypotheses. As a case study: Khamis Mushayt Community College - Female Section, Cronbach Alpha technique was used to test ...

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Colleges of Business Administration in Saudi Universities to Guide and Serve Saudi Community (Focus on College of Business Administration at MU)

Abdul Jalil Mohammad Hassan Idris

Objective of this research is to find out role colleges of business in Saudi universities to guide and serve the Saudi community, through a review of its leadership in community service, and to assess the extent of their contribution to the well-being of this community, and shed light on the most important ...

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The effect of pink marketing on the purchase decision of female students of the Community College for Girls in Khamis Mushayt

Rogaia Mohammad Mohammad Ahmad Kratat

The study aimed to identify the impact of pink marketing on consumer purchasing decisions among female students of the Community College in Khamis Mushait and to identify the obstacles, advantages and benefits of pink marketing, and to test the study hypotheses, the descriptive analytical approach was ...

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The extent to which university education contributes to the development of human capital

Abeer Bakri Siralkhatim , Salwa Derar Awad Mohammed , Engy Ahmed Mostafa

This research seeks to clarify the role of university education in developing human capital and identify the main components of human capital, and try to identify the extent of the community college interest in King Khalid University in developing and developing its human capital and to ensure the existence ...

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