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Islamic Economics -Transformations and Opportunities

Kebiri Fatiha

Since the dawn of the Muhammadiyah mission until now the history of the Islamic economy has gone through several stages. Yet one could say that the prosperity or decline of the Islamic economy is derived from the adoption and application of the principles of Islamic law in general on this land. After ...

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The Impact of Supporting Medium and Small Enterprises on the Levels of Empowering Saudi Women: Reality and Challenges (An Exploratory Study in light of 2030 Vision)

Hind Abdullah Al-Reqib

The study aimed to investigate the impact of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on different levels of the women’s empowerment. The study used the statistical analysis that is based on secondary data obtained from “Kafala” initiative as one of the supporting agencies for ...

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The challenges facing the application of investment funds in Islamic banks in the Palestinian economy

Ziad Jalal Aldammagh

The research aims to study the challenges facing the application of investment funds in Islamic banks In the Palestinian economy, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method in conducting the research, and the questionnaire was applied as a tool to collect information on the research sample ...

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The green economy to meet the challenges of sustainable development (comparative study of experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia)

Ziad Akrout , Niazi Cumin

This paper has been prepared to provide an accurate analysis of the characteristics of the paper The experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in the field of green economics They are considered good experiences in the Arab world that can be Use them as each government has sought to develop a strategy ...

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