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The effect of exploitation strategy on concurrent thinking ability abilities of students in Saudi Arabia

Samar Abdelaziz Abdeen

The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of the exploitation Strategy in enhancing concurrent thinking ability of student. This study used a quasi-experimental method. The study sample in this research consisted of students who attend the Taibah university in Saudi Arabia, the study sample ...

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Anxiety Responses due to COVID-19 Among a Sample of Palestinian University Students

Mohammed A. Shaheen , Abed Alrahman Tamoni , Mohannad Damiri

The study aims to investigate the level of anxiety responses and differences related to some variables due to COVID-19 among a sample of Palestinian university students and to verify the COVID-19 anxiety responses scale using the descriptive method on a random sample of 500 individuals. The results show ...

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Psychological Adjustment for Students with Learning Difficulties and its Relationship to Some Variables (A Field Study for Students of the Second Cycle with Learning Difficulties in the Basic Stage, Kremit City, Gezira State, Sudan, 2022)

Inshirah Ali Ibrahim

Compatibility is a central concept in psychology in general and in mental health in particular. The individual always tries, during his activity, to obtain a state of satisfaction or satisfaction for his motives, but he often encounters difficulties in his performance that affect his psychological compatibility. ...

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Level of Achievement Motivation among Secondary School Students in the Light of some Variables

Ali Rizk Ali Hamouda , Makki Babiker Saeed Deiwa

The study aimed to identify the level of achievement motivation among secondary school students study the achievement motivation among these students in the light of several variables. The sample of the study consisted of (500) male and female secondary school students in Gaza, half of whom are males ...

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Post Pandemic Readjustment to Traditional Education System: Analyzing Difficulties of University Students and Recommendations

Kholoud Imhammad Al-Mseidin

The recent outburst of COVID-19 has utterly revolutionized the world in every sector of life, be it health, economy, tourism, employment or education. Internet revolution, for the first time, with such pace and potential played the most important role amidst crises. Though, work from home and virtual ...

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Creative Thinking and its Relationship to Achievement Motivation among High School Students (A Field Study in the Schools of Al-Qadarif Municipality, Al-Qadarif State - Sudan 2023)

Suleiman Idris Omar Osman , Osman Abdel-Qader Mohamed Ahmed

The aim of this study is the recognition of the stages of creative cognition, achievement motivation of the third-class secondary students in Gadarif Municipality, the recognition of the relationship between the creative cognition and achievement motivation. About three hundred students in third class ...

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Spiritual Intelligence among Blinds and Sighted Students in Palestine

Suheir Sabbah

Objectives: The study aimed to compare spiritual intelligence among blinds and sighted students in Palestine, while also investigating the influence of demographic variables such as gender, place of residence, educational level, and level of disability Methods: Employing a Comparative Descriptive methodology, ...

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