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The Level of Social and Academic Adjustment among Syrian Refugee Students in Jordan and its Relation with Underachievement students

Kholoud Imhammad Meqbel Al-Mseidin

Research on the level of social and academic adjustment and the ties between both Syrian refugee students in Jordan is still insufficient due to the lack of research and interest among academics and researchers. This is happening even though the rise of refugees has impacted students from the Syrian ...

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The Level of Characteristics that Gifted Students Featuring in Jerash Governorate, According to the Pride Scale

Mohammed Taha Rashid Al-oqaily

The aim of the research is to identify the characteristics that Featuring gifted students in Jerash governorate according to the Pride scale in its five axes (multiplicity and diversity of interests, purposeful play and social interaction, imaginative thinking and social acceptance, independence in thinking, ...

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Effectiveness of Sensory Cognitive Program for Learning New Words among Students of the Faculties of Education Hantoub and Alhasahisa, University of Gezira, Sudan

Makki Babikir Deiwa , Ahmed Mohammed Shennan

The problem of this study starts from the way in which learners deal when they learn new words, which had led to their suffering when they try to remember it, the present study aimed to find out whether a sensory cognitive program designed by the researcher has an impact on the learning of new words. ...

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Attitudes of Female Students Specializing in Autism Spectrum disorders towards Voluntary Work Programs at the University of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alham Mustafa Houran Al-Qusayreen

The study aimed to examine the attitudes of female students specializing in Autism Spectrum disorders towards voluntary work programs at the University of Jeddah. The sample consisted of 152 female students majoring in Autism Spectrum disorders in the Department of Special Education at the University ...

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The Level of Tendency of Students and Their Attitudes Towards Reading at The Stage of Primary Education and Intermediate it in The City of Dar Chiouck In Algeria -Field Study-

Aicha Alla

The objective of the present study is to identify the level of tendency of students and their attitudes towards reading at the stage of primary education and intermediate it in the city of Dar chiouck in Algeria, as well as the nature of the differences according to the following demographic variables: ...

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Working memory and its relation to achievement motivation among academically outstanding students at the faculty of education, Majmaah university

Mai Fathi Al-Baghdadi , Eman Mahmoud El Ashmawy

The current study aimed to identify the relationship between the working memory and its tasks (Audio Numbers - Category Classification - Visual Matrix - Maps & Directions), and achievement motivation among academically outstanding students, the study sample consisted of 60 students (GPA= 4.5 and ...

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A review of the effects of using social stories to promote behavior, communication, and social skills for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Aiman Alkldi

The purpose of this paper was to provide a review of the literature on the effect of Social Stories intervention on improving behavior, and communication skills for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Nine scholarly articles focused on the impact of using social stories strategy were reviewed. ...

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Susceptibility to empathy and its relationship to emotional maturity among university students (An applied study on students of the college of education, university of Diyala, Iraq, 2020 AD)

Ghassan Ghazanfar Hamid , Maki Babiker Saeed Dewa , Al-Fatih Mustafa Suleiman Al-Kanani

The capacity for empathy represents an emotional experience that affects human life in facing problems and difficulties and providing assistance to those we feel that needs it, and in fact it represents an essential component of human life, in addition to its impact on their psychological health. The ...

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Attitudes of students of psychology departments in Sudanese universities towards people with disabilities (Psychology male and female students in universities in the state of Gezira as a model)

Hayat Abdel Rahim Mohamed Amin , Makki Babiker Saeed Deiwa , Al-Fateh Mustafa Suleiman Al-Kinani

The level of disability is determined by the environment's ability to create legal conditions, and the concept of disability has carried several connotations throughout history and cultures that have been affected by the moral character sometimes, medical, educational, and rehabilitative at other times, ...

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The effect of an enrichment unit on climate change awareness and basic science process skills among gifted female primary school students

Fatema Saeed Sanad , Fatima Ahmed Aljasim , Huda Soud AlHendal

This study investigated how introducing climate change-themed lessons into the curriculum of gifted primary school females in Bahrain affected Climate Change Awareness and Basic Science Process Skills. Students included 40 gifted sixth-grade females divided into two groups: a 20-student experimental ...

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