International Journal of Childhood, Counselling, and Special Education

Volume 5 - Issue 2 (2) | PP: 43 - 52 Language : English

Spiritual Intelligence among Blinds and Sighted Students in Palestine

Suheir Sabbah
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17/6/2023 19/8/2023 3/9/2023 29/10/2023
Objectives: The study aimed to compare spiritual intelligence among blinds and sighted students in Palestine, while also investigating the influence of demographic variables such as gender, place of residence, educational level, and level of disability Methods: Employing a Comparative Descriptive methodology, the research utilized the Spiritual Intelligence assessment tool developed by King (2008), consisting of 47 items. The participants included 119 blind students and 60 sighted students in Palestine, all from the 8th and 9th grades, and they were chosen randomly. Results: The study demonstrated that the spiritual intelligence level among both groups (blinds and sighted) is high, also, there are significant statistical differences in spiritual intelligence level in both groups regarding sex (with a favor toward males), educational level (8th grade for blinds, and 9th grade for sighted), Level of disability (particularly among partially blind students), and place of residence (more pronounced in urban areas). Conclusions: In conclusion, the research emphasizes the significance of spiritual intelligence in both blind and sighted students in Palestine, shedding light on demographic factors that can influence its development. To foster a holistic educational experience, the study underscores the importance of integrating spiritual well-being into the educational framework, particularly for visually impaired students. This study recommended directing attention toward mental and spiritual well-being among blind students, aiding them in their academic journey. Additionally, the study suggests augmenting the curriculum with expanded vocabulary and concepts aimed at enhancing spiritual intelligence across all educational tiers.

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