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A Teacher's Strategy in Supporting the Principle of Moderation and Strengthening the Intellectual Security Between Reality and Hope

Emtenan Alshahwan

The study aimed to find out the effectiveness of a teacher's strategy in supporting the principle of moderation and strengthening the intellectual security between reality and hope. Descriptive method has been used to achieve the study goal where the sample was 40 high school teachers from Riyadh, (20) ...

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Proposed Strategy of Application Talent Management an Input to Achieve Quality Services in General Directorate of Education in Qassim Region

Alyia Mohammed Sharaf , Wed Fayeih Z Al-Mutiri

The objective of the study is to present a proposed strategy for the application of talent management to achieve the quality of services in the education departments in Qassim region by determining the level of service quality in its five dimensions (physical and tangible dimension, reliability, responsiveness, ...

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Effect Survey Strategies and Brainstorming in the Development of Creative Thinking among Tenth Grade Students in Jordan

Ahlam Hassan Abdullah Radwan

This study aims to identify the impact of each of the strategies of the survey and brainstorming in the development of creative thinking among tenth grade students who are studying the decision of Islamic education in the Directorate Brigade (qasabat irebed) in Jordan . The study sample consisted of ...

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The Effect of Teaching Science and Technology using (K.W.L) Strategy in the Achievements of Female Student in Grade Eleven

Nasser Sulaiyam Nasser Al-mazidi

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of teaching science and technology using (K.W.L) strategy in the academic achievement among the eleventh- grade female student. The sample of the study was chosen from Assma bint Amro School in Alsuwaiq stat at North Albatinah Governorate. It consists ...

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The impact of using electronic brainstorming strategy in a blended learning environment on grade-eleven female students’ in developing achievement motivation in islamic education

Rabea Mahammed Al-Saqria , Mohsin Nasser Al- Salmi

This study aimed at identifying the impact of using Electronic Brainstorming Strategy in a Blended Learning Environment on grade-eleven female students' in developing Achievement motivation in Islamic Education. A quasi-experimental design was used with two experimental groups, the first experimental ...

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Effectiveness of Using Demonstration Strategy on Basic Sixth Ggrade Students Achievement in Islamic Education Course in Na'ourDistrict

Faten Alloze , Fawwaz Shehada

The aim of the present study was to identify the effectiveness of using demonstration strategy in the achievement of the sixth grade students t in Islamic Education course in Na'our district. The population for the study, which was chosen by the intentional method in the leader's international school, ...

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The Impact of Utilizing Smart Learning Stations Strategy on Students' Achievement in Teaching History

Omar Jamal Mousa Al-Nawasrah , Samih Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Karasneh

The aim of the current study was to explore The Impact of Utilizing Smart Learning Stations Strategy on students' achievement in teaching history. The study followed the quasi experimental research. The sample of the study consisted of (120) male and female students at the Directorate of Education for ...

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The effect of using a teaching strategy based on the habits of mind in the development of mathematical proficiency among primary stage students in Jordan

Rawan Ismail Al-Mefleh , Ma’moon Mohammed Al- Shannaq , Tariq Yousef Jawarneh

This study aimed to investigate the effect of using a Teaching Strategy Based on the Habits of Mind in the development of Mathematical Proficiency among Primary stage Students in Jordan. To achieve the objective of the study, the researchers prepared a test in mathematical proficiency and checked it ...

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The Extent to which Graduates of Applied Colleges at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences Meet the Needs of the Labor Market According to the National Education Strategy of 2040 in the Sultanate of Oman

Latifha bint Abdullah Al-Kindi , Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Abri , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Dhuhli

The study aimed to identify the extent to which the graduates of the applied colleges at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences meet the needs of the labor market according to the National Strategy for Education of 2040 in the Sultanate of Oman. The researchers used the descriptive approach ...

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Effect of Visual Teaching Strategy on the Academic Achievement in Physics for First Secondary Students in Haql

Nayfa Hassan Faraj Al- Omrani , Bashayer Raghyan Al- Balawi

The problem of the research is identified in the weakness of academic achievement in physics for First Secondary Students in Haql, and as a contribution to solve this problem, the research purpose was to check the effect of the Visual Teaching Strategy on their academic achievement in Physics. To achieve ...

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