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The invariance detected in the assessment test for mathematics skills for the third basic class students through the directorates of education in Jordan

Areej Hasan Alsaid , Nedal Kamal Alshreefen

This study aimed to detect the Invariance in the test for the third basic grade in Jordan through directorates of education (numbering 45 directorates). To achieve this, the descriptive analytical method was used in analyzing the results of students on the test who participated for the 2017/2018 academic ...

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The reality of applying strategic planning in elementary schools, Al-Arditaini sector, Al-Qunfudah education department in light of "the education policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Awad bin Musa Al-Ghamdi

The study aimed to identify the extent of school principals 'knowledge of strategic planning, and to identify the clarity of the mission, goals, and vision in the strategic plans for primary schools in Al-Qunfudah Governorate, and to know the extent of school principals' interest in the requirements ...

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The effect of using project-based learning (PBL) on mathematical ability among 9th grade female students in Jordan

Alaa Ahmed AL-zatari , Amal Abdallah Khasawneh

This study aimed to investigate the effect of Project-Based Learning (PBL) on the mathematical ability of the ninth-grade female students. The study used a quasi-experimental approach. The study sample consisted of (47) female students enrolled in one of public school in Jerash for the academic year ...

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Developing the performance of public-school leaders in light of the New Zealand educational leadership model (ELM)

Sarah Abdullah Al-Minqash , Kholoud Ishaq Bukhari

The study aimed to identify good practices for developing the performance of public-school leaders in light of the New Zealand Educational Leadership Model (ELM), the reality of the performance of the newly appointed public-school leaders in Riyadh, the requirements for applying supportive practices ...

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The effectiveness of some practices of the academic supervision program in achieving satisfaction among college of education students at Sultan Qaboos university

Talal Shaban Ahmed Amer

The current research aimed at detecting the effect of some methods and practices used in the academic supervision program at the College of Education; on achieving students' satisfaction and helping them avoid the risk of falling under academic probation. To achieve this goal, two tools were used: The ...

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Designing an educational unit using Hologram technology and its effect on the reflective thinking, among the eighth-grade students in Jordan

Muhammad Suleiman al-Khatatba , Wesal Hani Al-Omari

The study aimed to Designing an Educational Unit Using Hologram Technology and Measuring its Effect on the Reflective Thinking, Among Primary Students. The Zahwa Al-Din Al-Hamoud Secondary School for Boys was chosen, and it is one of the schools located in the Bani Ubaid Brigade, and it was chosen intentionally, ...

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Islamic rooting for emotional intelligence in educational administration

Rahaf Faisal Maatouk Bah

The aim of the current research is to identify the Islamic rooting for emotional intelligence in educational administration according to the foundations of Islamic rooting, and the basic concepts around which the doctrines and legislations of Islam revolve around. And its types, which include emotional ...

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Reveal the requirements of using social media in schools of the directorate of education of the Northern Mazar district from the viewpoint of its teachers and the challenges and proposals to develop them

Youssef Mufleh Salim Jarrah , Jarrah Muflih Salim Jarrah

The current study aimed to reveal the requirements, the challenges, and the recommendations for improving the use of social media in the schools of Almazar Alshamali Directorate from the perspective of the teachers. The study implemented the descriptive research on a sample of (200) male and female teachers. ...

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The Islamic and educational rooting of the Japanese (Z) theory

Kholoud Ishaq Bukhari , Ashwaq Abdul Rahman Alhaqbani

The study aimed to identify the background, principles and characteristics of Z theory in Japanese management, as well as to demonstrate the Islamic rooting for the principles and characteristics of Z theory in accordance with the basic tenets of contractual, source and functional. The descriptive analytical ...

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The governance reality of college education at Qassim university in light of Kingdom vision 2030

Raghad Saleh Mohammed Al-rodhan

The study aimed to identify the level of governance of the Faculty of Education at Qassim university in light of the Kingdom's vision 2030 from the point of view of the faculty members, and to reveal whether there are differences between the responses of respondents due to the variables of the study ...

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