International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

Volume 10 - Issue 2 (11) | PP: 454 - 476 Language : العربية

Effectiveness of distance training program for pre-school education teachers and supervisors in Oman

Amur Mohamed Amur Al-Aisri ,
Thuraya Saif Ali Al-Mamari
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
1/6/2021 14/6/2021 30/6/2021 21/10/2021
The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of distance training program for pre-school education teachers and supervisors to analyze their opinions and proposals. The study tool is a questionnaire directed to teachers to evaluate the training program from their point of view to reach results, recommendations and proposals that contribute to the development of training mechanisms for pre-school education teachers. The study sample consisted of (58) teachers and supervisors of pre-school education, on which the study tool was applied in the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020, The study concluded several results, the most important of which is that the average responses of the trainees on the scale reached (2,8310), which is a high level, that indicates on the effectiveness of training from the point of view of the trainees' teachers. The first axis was: the training method is the best axes in terms of response averages of the study sample, which amounted to (2.9253), followed by the first axis of training content with an average of (2.8401). Then the training environment axis with an average of (2.6414). By comparing the arithmetic averages of the sample responses, it was found that there are no differences statistically significant due to the variables of job title, academic qualification, or years of experience. The results also concluded the affirmation of the trainees that the presented training material is modern, and the group learning method helped to learn. The programs presented in the courses contributed to developing the skills of the digital trainees, while most of them don't see that the establishment of the YouTube channel helped motivating to produce new jobs. The training material don't fulfill all the expectations of the trainees. The trainees also emphasized that the distance training provided a greater opportunity to attend the courses and helped motivate for self-education. Using WhatsApp helped the trainees to retain and review the training material, and the trainer welcomes the trainer with ideas and initiatives, and organizes the group during the training and opens the door for discussions, while some trainees felt that the time for implementing the courses was not suitable and not sufficient for everyone.The study recommended allowing attending remote training courses for a large number of teachers, and allocating sufficient time and the use of modern and various educational training techniques.

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