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Development of Thinking in The Theory of Concurrent Thinking

Samar Abdulaziz Abdain

This research presents a strategy for the development of thinking in The Theory of Concurrent Thinking, a theory that adds to the patterns of thinking a new pattern known as Concurrent Thinking, which is more than one thing, At the same time and with high efficiency, the research is divided into 5 main ...

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Effect of Using the World City Program to Develop the Creative Thinking of the Talented in Jordan

Naim Mustafa Al-aswad

The study aimed to identify the effect of using the Madinah World Program in the development of creative thinking in the skills of (originality, fluency, flexibility, details) of the gifted in Madaba Governorate in Jordan. The sample consisted of 60 gifted students. The researcher used the researcher ...

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Proposed Strategy of Application Talent Management an Input to Achieve Quality Services in General Directorate of Education in Qassim Region

Alyia Mohammed Sharaf , Wed Fayeih Z Al-Mutiri

The objective of the study is to present a proposed strategy for the application of talent management to achieve the quality of services in the education departments in Qassim region by determining the level of service quality in its five dimensions (physical and tangible dimension, reliability, responsiveness, ...

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Analytical Study of Master's and Doctoral Dissertations In the Field of Gifted and Talent Amman Arab University 2007-2017

Mohammad Saud Al-Ajmi

The present study aimed to analyze the master's and doctoral thesis in the field of gifted and talented approved by the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences, Amman Arab University, Amman, 2000 to 2017 through its characteristics; The study followed the ...

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The Predictive Ability of Naglieri Test for Results of Mawhiba Talent Test Applied in Saudi Arabia

Shaher Khaled Suleiman , May Abdullah Al-Jasir

The research aimed at applying the American Naglieri Scale for detecting talented students in the Saudi environment and verifying the degree of a significant statistical correlation between it and the Saudi Talent Test “Mawhiba” which applied in Saudi Arabia as a criterion for acceptance ...

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The Degree of Administrative Empowerment Practice and its Relationship with Talent Management in Colleges’ Administration of Kuwait University as Perceived by Faculty Members

Naser Mansour Al-Ajami

This research aims to identify the degree of administrative empowerment practice and its relationship to talent management in colleges' administration of Kuwait University as perceived by faculty members. This research included a population of (1253) faculty members working in Kuwait University. The ...

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Serious Creativity and its Relationship to Some Variables Among Talented Students at the Secondary Stage in Jeddah

Sahar Saad Althagafi , Nawal Abdullah Aldhobaiban

The current study aimed to identify the Serious Creativity of a sample of talented students at the secondary stage in Jeddah and its relationship to some demographic variables (gender/school stage). To achieve this, the study used the serious creativity scale prepared by Al-Akra (2017). Data were collected ...

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The Role of Talent Management in Achieving Strategic Entrepreneurship in Public Universities at Sultanate of Oman

Yusra Muhammad Salim Almughairi , Aieman Ahmad Al-Omari , Omer Hashim Ismail

The study aimed to demonstrate the role of talent management in achieving strategic entrepreneurship at Sultan Qaboos University: one of the public universities in the Sultanate of Oman and the challenges facing the application of talent management at Sultan Qaboos University. The study used a qualitative ...

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