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The Effectiveness of a Training Program in Improving Teachers of Basis Stage Attitudes’ Toward Educational Counseling

Fayez Azez Mahamid , Fakher Nabeel Khalili

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program in improving teachers' attitudes toward educational counseling among teachers at public schools in north of west bank, the sample of this study consisted of (96) male and female teachers, they were distributed into two group; ...

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The Effect of Teaching Science by using STEM Approach in Developing Research Skills in Accordance with the ISEF Standards among Primary Stage Students

Majed Mohamed Hassan al-Malki

The aim of the research is to identify the effectiveness of teaching scientific concepts with the standards of the ISEF Intel model for the fifth grade students in Jeddah in order to find out the extent to which science curricula in the primary stage according to the nation's vision provide students ...

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Degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to the students' academic achievement

Nahed Abdulaziz Ali Masri , Bashayer Regyan Balawi

The present study aimed to determine the degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to students' academic achievement. The research used the analytical descriptive method and applied a questionnaire on a random sample of the ...

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Training needs for sciences teachers in primary stage in state of Kuwait and its relationship with level of career achievement

Taiseer Alkhawaldeh , Mubarak faleh Alajmi

The study aimed to identify the level of training needs of science teachers for the primary stage in the State of Kuwait from their point of view, and to know the level of achievement of the career teachers of science for the primary stage in the State of Kuwait from their point of view, and in order ...

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The effect of using a teaching strategy based on the habits of mind in the development of mathematical proficiency among primary stage students in Jordan

Rawan Ismail Al-Mefleh , Ma’moon Mohammed Al- Shannaq , Tariq Yousef Jawarneh

This study aimed to investigate the effect of using a Teaching Strategy Based on the Habits of Mind in the development of Mathematical Proficiency among Primary stage Students in Jordan. To achieve the objective of the study, the researchers prepared a test in mathematical proficiency and checked it ...

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The Effectiveness of the Administrative Skills of Educational Leadership in the Success of the Educational Process in Primary Schools in Mecca Region

Awad bin Musa Al-Ghamdi

This study aimed at identifying the school principal's level of applying the administrative skills of educational leadership in his administrative actions and decisions, determining the administrative skills of the educational leadership of the school principal in the primary stage, knowing the impact ...

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The Role of Madrasati Platform in Promoting the Professional Development in Light of Crises such as the Corona Pandemic from the point of view of Special Education Teachers in Primary Stage in Tabuk City

Manal Rahil Al Aomrane

The study aimed to identify the role of the Madrasati platform in promoting professional development in light of crises such as the Corona pandemic from the point of view of teachers of special education in Tabuk city and to identify the differences between the average responses of the sample members ...

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The Degree to which Basic Stage Teachers Possess Scientific Research Skills in the Amman Kasbah District

Shaima Mohammed Mashaqi , Othman Nasser Mansour

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the degree to which basic stage teachers possess scientific research skills in the Amman Kasbah district in the capital Amman Governorate. Methods: To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive survey method was adopted, and the study sample consisted ...

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