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The Extent of Inclusion the Book of Jurisprudence for the Students of the First Grade Intermediate in Saudi Arabia for the Components of the Knowledge Economy

Huda Saad ALkatheri , Abdulmohsen Saif AL-Saif

This study aimed at: recognizing components of knowledge economy that should be included in the Jurisprudence course for girls in the first year intermediate in Saudi Arabia and knowing to what extent the course took into account these components. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers developed ...

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The Predictive Ability of Naglieri Test for Results of Mawhiba Talent Test Applied in Saudi Arabia

Shaher Khaled Suleiman , May Abdullah Al-Jasir

The research aimed at applying the American Naglieri Scale for detecting talented students in the Saudi environment and verifying the degree of a significant statistical correlation between it and the Saudi Talent Test “Mawhiba” which applied in Saudi Arabia as a criterion for acceptance ...

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The Role of Working Memory Components in predicting Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) among Out-Patients in Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman D. Alzahrani

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a psychological disorder that targets all age groups, gender and across cultures despite individual differences. Therefore, the current study aimed to examine to what extend working memory components (central executive- phonological loop - visuo-spatial working memory) ...

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A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and Glasgow Science Textbooks for 10-Year-Old Students on the Coverage of Basic Science Process Skills

Hanan Fawzi Aljarallah

The study aimed at determining how well basic science process skills are promoted in Saudi Arabian science textbook activities compare to those covered by the Glasgow Science Program booklet activities. The textbooks selected for examination in this study were the science textbooks that have been taught ...

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Developing education in Saudi universities through applying the requirements of TQM (Total Quality Management) in university education

Orwah Mohammed Hamdan

The study aimed at revealing how to develop education in Saudi universities through applying the requirements of TQM in university education. In order to achieve the objective of the study, the researcher, through the descriptive analytical study method, analyzed the literature on administrative thought ...

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The big five factors of personality and its relationship to Dogmatism in a sample of prisoners In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khaled bin Mohammad Qalyoubi

The study aims to reveal the relationship of the big five factors of personality (diastolic, neuroticism, vigilance of conscience, acceptability, openness to experiences) and their relationship to Dogmatism in a sample of prisoners, with some demographic variables (Education- age- type of sentencing). ...

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The Importance of using Facebook in teaching first-grade high school students from the perspective of computer teachers at Jizan region in Saudi Arabia

Wajdy Ahmed Manney , Majed Gharmallah Alzahrani

The study aimed to identify the importance of using facebook in teaching first-grade high school students from the perspective of computer teachers at Jizan Region in Saudi Arabia. The study followed the descriptive approach, and the study sample included (147) computer teachers. To collect the data, ...

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Distance education requirements in Saudi Arabia's universities to face the Corona pandemic (A proposed vision)

Mona Abdullah Al Samhan

The study aimed to uncover the requirements for distance education in universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront Corona. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher, through the descriptive and analytical study methodology, analyzed the literature and experiences related to distance ...

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A comparative study of the international tests (TIMSS) in Singapore and south Korea and the possibility of benefiting from them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Amani Ahmed M Al-iqali

This research aimed to compare the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) in Singapore and South Korea to indicate the extent to which they can be benefited from in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The research also aimed to identifying the theoretical frameworks of the international ...

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Level of awareness, knowledge, and attitudes toward epilepsy among students at king Khalid university, Saudi Arabia

Walaa Badawy Mohamed Badawy

purpose: Epilepsy is a major public health problem worldwide. The aim of this study was to explore the level of awareness, knowledge regarding epilepsy and attitudes prevalent toward epilepsy among king Khalid university students. Methods: The descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted with ...

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