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The reality of applying strategic planning in elementary schools, Al-Arditaini sector, Al-Qunfudah education department in light of "the education policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Awad bin Musa Al-Ghamdi

The study aimed to identify the extent of school principals 'knowledge of strategic planning, and to identify the clarity of the mission, goals, and vision in the strategic plans for primary schools in Al-Qunfudah Governorate, and to know the extent of school principals' interest in the requirements ...

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Constructing visual working memory test to differentiate the gifted students in different age groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Huda Burhan Seif El Din

The aim of this study was to construct a visual working memory scale that suits different age groups and differentiate the talented students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The visual-spatial components were used in constructing The Visual Working Memory Test (VWMT) which contains 40 questions. Its psychometric ...

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A proposed perception to prepare a family education teacher in light of 2030 Saudi Arabia vision

Nwer salh farh allhedan , Tahne bint Abdul Rahman bin Ali al Muzaini

The study aimed to identify the reality of preparing a Family Education teacher in light of the 2030 Saudi Arabia Vision, in addition to building a proposed conception for preparing a family education teacher, and the study used the descriptive approach, and the study sample consisted of (169) teachers ...

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Training Needs for E-teaching Skills of Female Art Education Teachers in the Primary and Intermediate Stages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nada Mohammed Al-Meziraee

The study aimed at identifying the training needs for e-teaching skills of female art education teachers in the primary and intermediate stages by identifying the viewpoint of the teachers in those two stages in the city of Buraidah of 50 female teachers who were chosen randomly. The study used the descriptive ...

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The Degree to Which the Faculty Members at the University of Tabuk Possess Critical Thinking Skills According to the Vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030

Ilham Sorour Moazi Al-Bilal

The study aimed to identify the degree to which the faculty members at the University of Tabuk possess critical thinking skills. The current study relied on the descriptive approach, for its suitability to the nature of the study, and a controlled tool was used to collect data from the study sample members ...

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Future of Education in Saudi Arabia Under the Transformations of Artificial Intelligence

Eman Salem Baroaidah , Zahra Mohammed Al-sanea

The aim of the current research is to determine the applications of artificial intelligence in the field of education and the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in employing artificial intelligence in the field of education and to clarify the future of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considering ...

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The Role of Blended Learning in Developing Academic Achievement among the Middle Stage Female Students from the Point of View of their Teachers in Al-Jouf Region

Latiefa Abdel-Rahman Al-Ali , Abdulhameed Rakan Alenezi

The aim of this study was to identify the role of blended education in developing academic achievement among female students of intermediate stage according to the point of view of their female teachers. The study also shows the most difficult challenges that female teachers face in developing academic ...

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