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The availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance issued by the Organization for Economic CooperationAnd Development (OECD) in Libyan banks

Emad M. Abu Agila

This study aimed to identify the reality of Libyan banks and the availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance pop the Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation (OECD) inside. The study sample consisted in the number of (8) results from banks , ...

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Establishing Corporate Governance for Crisis "a Study of the Most Important Crises and Financial Scandals of Major International Companies "

La’la Ramdani , Um Al-kair El-baroude , Charef Abdelkader

The emergence of the concept of corporate governance has been at the forefront of international concerns as one of the cornerstones of financial stability, especially following the recent global financial crises, which have plagued some large economic entities, shaking confidence in the integrity of ...

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The Role of Water Information Systems in Sustaining and Enhancing the Governance of Water Resources in Algeria

Ahmed Tei , Zoubida Mahcene

The aim of this study is to highlight the role of water information systems in sustaining and enhancing the governance of water resources in Algeria. The paper presented that the water crisis is a governance crisis and therefore the need to move towards water governance by applying the principles of ...

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Mechanisms to Improve the Practice of Internal Auditing in Algeria in light of the Reality of Practice and the New Requirements of the Profession

Laib Abderrahmane

The aim of this article is to provide a number of mechanisms that allow for the improvement of internal audit activity in Algeria in a manner that allows it to prove its effectiveness and efficiency, in line with the new requirements of the international framework for practicing this profession and in ...

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Corporate Governance and its Role in Promoting Creativity and Innovation -A Comparative Study between Algeria and Some Arab Countries

Sahraoui Djalila , L. DJEDIDENE , Touta Nawel

The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the importance of corporate governance in promoting and activating creativity and innovation, as the main driver for growth and long term, and the importance of the study is also reflected in how to develop a systematic methodology to enable companies ...

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The impact of audit quality, corporate governance, and company characteristics on earnings management

Yousef Shahwan

This study aims to investigate empirically how the characteristics of the firm; the audit quality and the corporate governance impact the management of earnings. The population employed in this study is industrial firms listed on the Amman Stock Exchange between 2017 and 2019. The method of sampling ...

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Impact of Compliance with the Principles of Governance on the Efficiency of the Performance of Banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saad A. Alwabel

The research problem is that it seeks to identify the impact of compliance with the principles of governance on the efficiency of the performance of banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its work, which affects the level of efficiency of the banking sector as a whole. The research aims to achieve ...

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The Role of Auditing in the Effectiveness of Corporate Governance Principles and Procedures as a Mechanism to Reduce Financial Corruption

Rogia Eltayb Ali Ahmed

This study titled as The Role of auditing in the effectiveness of the principles and the procedures of corporate governance as a mechanism to Financial corruption. This study aimed at identifying the most important difficulties facing the application of corporate governance and the role of the audit ...

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The Role of Governance in Reducing Creative Accounting Practices and their Impact on the Quality of Information

Rogia Eltayb Ali Ahmed

The study aims to demonstrate the role played by governance in reducing creative accounting practices, which are considered to be the main causes of the financial collapse and the impact on the quality of accounting information, which is the main tool for making good decisions. To achieve the goal of ...

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The impact of corporate governance on the financial reporting quality in Saudi banks

Ahmed Zakaria Zaki Osemy

This research aims to define the association between improving the quality of financial reporting process and achieving positive changes in operating income and comprehensive income by means of applying corporate governance requirements in the banks of the KSA. The research showed a positive relationship ...

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