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An Analysis and Evaluation of the Investment Attraction and Investor Protection on the Direct Foreign Investment Flow and Business Environment in the Arab Countries

Badache Boubakeur

Foreign aid is essential to enhance economies at poor countries. Regarding to the United Nations approved article that richer countries should assist poor countries by 0.7% of the rich Gross National Product. But still many of these countries did not offer this percentage, where this is restated in 2015 ...

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Measurement of environmental performance indicators in the raw processing unit of the South "UTBS" Sonatrach Hassi Messaoud 2011-2016

Mekhelfi Amina , Mahdjoubi Nour Elhouda , Bengana Ismail

This study aims to measure the environmental performance indicators in the Algerian oil institutions in general and the national company Sonatrach in particular, through studying one of its units: the crude processing unit south (UTBS) at the level of Hassi Masoud, Algeria. The study was based on a set ...

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The Role of Electronic Accounting Disclosure in Enhancing the Financial Reports Quality and Reducing the Information Asymmetry Gap in the Jordanian Business Environment

Hassan Mahmoud Shatnawi

The purpose of this paper is to study and clarify the electronic accounting disclosure concepts, natures and development stages as well as its components. Furthermore, its role in improving the quality of financial reporting as well as in reducing the gap of the asymmetry of information in the Jordanian ...

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Organizational Environment impact on Social Responsibility Implementation in Private Hospitals (KSA): A case Study of Private Hospitals in Najran City

Mohamed El Amine Mohamed , Rami Osama Al Ali , Hanan Mohamed Abdelkader

This study aimed to identify organizational environment dimensions effect on social responsibility dimensions implementation in private hospitals in Najran city (Saudi Arabia). To get results, study used linear regression factor according to primary data that collected through questionnaire tool and ...

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The Impact of the Joint Audit on the External Auditor Report in Sudanese Business Environment- Field Study

Adam Mohamed Ahmed Omer , Mohamed Ishag Eisa , Omer Alsir Mohammed

The objective of this study is to measure the effect of the joint audit on the external auditor report in Sudanese business environment. The problem stated is that: the external auditor report confidence is considered as a basic requirement for the companies stakeholders. The question raised is: is there ...

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The Impact of Strategic Management in Employees Empowerment Case Study: Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company

Altaj Mohammed Mohammed Ali Hamid , Hussam El-Din Abdel- Aziz Mostafa Mohamedany

This study aims to test the Impact of Strategic Management on the Employees Empowerment. The main Hypothesis of the study was that: There is a positive correlation between Strategic Management Concepts and the Dimensions of Employee Empowerment (delegation of Authority, Participation in Decisionmaking, ...

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The Employees' Attitudes about the Role of the Internal Work Environment Achieving Managerial Innovation: Case Study in the Directorate of Local Administration of Ghardaia - Algeria

Lamour Rumaila

The aim of the study was to identify the employees' attitudes about the role of the internal work environment (centralization of decisions, prevailing organizational culture, communication, training, administrative leadership, incentive system and rewards) on administrative innovation in the Directorate ...

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De-marketing As A Strategic Tool For Managing Customer Excessive Demand within The Shortage of Environmental Recourses of Water: Empirical study in Jordan

Zakaria Ahmed Azzam

Jordan has one of the lowest levels of water in the world, with Jordan's population is expected to continue to grow, the gap between water supply and water consumption (demand) threatens to wider significantly. On the other hand, the exploitation of new water supply recourses is costly, therefore, Jordan ...

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Disclosure of Environmental Responsibility in Saudi Joint Stock Companies

Mustafa Mohammed Jumah Abu Amara

This study aimed to assess the extent of environmental disclosure in Saudi Corporations. The study included 143 companies listed in the stock market (Tadawul) covering different sectors of business. The SPSS statistical analysis method was used to analyze the questionnaires received from the sample being ...

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The Impact of Smart Phone Usage on the Workers Productivity: Exploration Search in Baghdad Environment Directorate

Thamer Al-Bakri , Alaa Abdul Karim Ghaleb , Abdul Rahman Taher Schnitter

Smartphone is no means just communication between people around the world; it has become a social phenomenon that spread to the workplace in various fields, and opinions differed between supporters and opponents of the use of this technology in general While some seethe contrary. Hence, the problem of ...

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