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The Importance adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

sofiane hamadouche

This research aims to highlight the importance of adopting the culture of corporate Social Responsibility. The conviction of corporate members, especially the top management, contributes to the diffusion of awareness of social responsibility and adoption of Sustainable Development principles for all ...

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The Impact of the Application and Practice of Marketing Activities in the Sustainability of Institutions Economic - Case Study of the Guedila Mineral Water Foundation

Hakim bendjeroua , Rebbouh oumelkhir

This study aims at identifying and determining the importance of marketing activities in the continuation and survival of the economic institutions in the market in generaland to the guedila Mineral Water Foundation in particular Therefore, the study focused specifically on the relationship of the marketing ...

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Assessing the Impact of Greening Information Technology Tools and Technologist on Organizational Systems Sustainability in Service Companies

Ibraheem Jodeh , Abdel-Rahman Ismail

This research aims to assess the extent of the utilization of Green IT (MIS and AIS) tools and technologies by Jordanian service companies listed in the Amman Financial Market towards the goal of becoming sustainable. This study utilized the survey questionnaire method for collecting the data needed. ...

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