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Strategic Audit and its Role in Strategic Management of the Economic Institution - Theoretical Summary

Boudellal Hanane , Benhamadi Abdelkader

This study aims at valuing the role of strategic auditing in the management of the economic institution in which it was based on the theoretical rooting of the subject based on the sources of books, magazines and previous studies that dealt with the subject. The study concluded with a number of conclusions ...

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Assessing the Factor that Determines Enterprise Risk Management: Special Emphasis on Tomato Production Value Chains in East Showa zone, Ethiopia

Zerihun Ayenew Birbirsa , Emnet Negash Debele

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) deals with the broader risk management of an enterprise and then extracting every possible means by which an organization able to with stand those risks. The study aims at assessing the factor that determines enterprise risk management. The target population of this study ...

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The Impact of Strategic Management in Employees Empowerment Case Study: Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company

Altaj Mohammed Mohammed Ali Hamid , Hussam El-Din Abdel- Aziz Mostafa Mohamedany

This study aims to test the Impact of Strategic Management on the Employees Empowerment. The main Hypothesis of the study was that: There is a positive correlation between Strategic Management Concepts and the Dimensions of Employee Empowerment (delegation of Authority, Participation in Decisionmaking, ...

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Strategic Management According to Professional and Organizational Ethics

Mohammad Hussain Ali Al-Janabi

The social reality of business ethics and its increasing domination of all aspects of intellectual and applied behavior of individual, organization and society effects on current reality and future of business organizations, and based the importance of ethics and leadership of the individual and society, ...

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The impact of strategic management in building the intelligent organization: the moderating role of strategic leadership in the Jordanian industrial pharmaceutical companies

Safaa Khalil Al-Qadi , Sahar Moh'd Abu Bakir

This study aimed at measuring impact of the strategic management with all of its dimensions (environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and control and evaluation) in the intelligent organization with its dimensions (continuous learning, adaptation and collective intelligence) ...

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Driving Strategy Implementation to Success

Rafat Aziz Dasan

Under the pressure to improve strategy implementation effectiveness and organizational performance, several government officials look for new tools and methods to have greater public organizational performance. By improving the public organizations' performance, public value and citizens trust in government ...

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