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Evaluating the Efficiency and Profitability of Islamic and Conventional Banks: Case Study of the GCC Region

Tariq Hassan Alshehri

This study aims to discuss the concept of both Islamic and commercial banks, in order to illustrate the similarities and differences between Islamic and commercial banking systems. Additionally, this research evaluates the profitability of the Islamic and commercial banks in the GCC region and examines ...

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The Quality of Banking Services and its Relationship to Customer Satisfaction at the Arab Islamic Bank in Palestine

Ahmad Herzallah , Hamza Nadi , Salwa Barghouthi , Yasmeen Abd Alwahab

Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the quality of banking services and its   relationship with customer satisfaction at the Arab Islamic Bank. Methods: To achieve the study objectives, a descriptive-analytical approach was used. A questionnaire was designed, consisting of two ...

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The Extent to which Shariah-Compliant Banks are Committed to Implementing Social Responsibility Accounting (An Applied Study of Banks Operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Mohammed Hanif Alqathami , Aida Osman Abdalla

Objectives: The research dealt with the extent of the commitment of banks compliant with Islamic law to apply accounting for social responsibility (an applied study of banks operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The concept and importance of accountability for social responsibility and to determine ...

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