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Managerial Property, Strategic Resources and Diversification of Enterprises, Case of Tunisian Businesses Rated.

Mohamed Soufeljil , Asma Sghaier , Hanène Kheireddine , Zouhayer Mighri

The question of the relationship between shareholder structure and diversification of the enterprise has caused many debates. We propose to shed a particular light in applying this question in the context of companies listed on the BVMT, which have specific characteristics in terms of relations between ...

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The Role of Small Enterprises in Reducing Poverty and Unemployment for Beneficiaries from Development and Employment Fund Loans in Irbid Governorate

Shadi Yousef Al-Abdallah , Saher mohammad M. adous

This study aimed to highlight the role of small projects financed by the Development and Employment Fund in reducing poverty and unemployment. By demonstrating the contribution of small enterprises in fighting poverty, reducing unemployment and demonstrating the impact of small enterprises on improving ...

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The impact of Fiscal Stimulus on Improving the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Algeria -A field study

Abdelhak Boukafa , Haj Arrabeh , Abdullah Mayo

This study aims to determine the contribution of fiscal stimulus policy pursued by the State through the various procedures, legislative and regulatory acts to improve the financial performance of small and medium-size enterprises through a field study included a group of enterprises (200 enterprises) ...

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Impact of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises on Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria

Aminu Bello , Adamu Jibir , Ibrahim Ahmed

Small and medium scale enterprises play an important role in terms of growth and development of an economy. This is due to the fact that creation, sustenance, and growth of SMEs is believed to be the key ingredient for development of the industrial sector of an underdeveloped economy. The study examines ...

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Determinants and constraints of small and medium enterprises growth in the West Bank

Sondos Saleh Ayoub Bassa , Nidal Aref Darwish

The current study aimed to shed light on the reality of the growth of SMEs in the West Bank. The research study focused on the obstacles and determinants of SMEs' growth and the relationship between the financial, administrative, and organizational, legal, and marketing barriers and the SMEs' growth. ...

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The Reality of Using the Strategic Methods of Cost Management and Performance Evaluation in Industrial Enterprises in Sudan- A Survey Study on the Manufacturing Sector in Khartoum State

Fatihelelah Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed , Ali Mohamed Hashim Ahmed

The study dealt with the strategic methods of cost management and performance evaluation. It aims to identify the reality and areas of using these methods in the manufacturing sector in Khartoum state, in addition to the determinants that limt the ability of these enterprises to adopt and use these methods. ...

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Exploring the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation, Innovative Capability and Social enterprises Competitive Positioning: Evidence on Social Enterprises in Saudi Arabia

Majed Qabil Alsolamy

This paper aims to investigate the effects of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and innovation capacity (IC) on the sustainable competitive advantage of social enterprises (SEs) within the context of Saudi Arabia. The data used to achieve this objective were collected through a questionnaire survey administered ...

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The Effect of Enterprises Audited Financial Statements on Credit Decision Making- Survey Study

Mahfood Saleh Altamimi

This study aimed to identify how credit decisions are made based on the accounting information available in the audited financial statements, where it was applied to a sample of seven commercial banks operating in Najran (Saudi Arabia). These banks are the major institutions that attract investment in ...

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Management Accounting Methods used in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Study on Tabuk Enterprises

Oglah Nawash Ershaid

The main purpose of this is to explore the management accounting techniques used in Small and medium entities (SME) in tabouk, We used analytical descriptive method to achieve the study objectives, We designed a questionnaire and distributed on a sample of 110 entities from various economic sectors in ...

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The Impact of Supporting Medium and Small Enterprises on the Levels of Empowering Saudi Women: Reality and Challenges (An Exploratory Study in light of 2030 Vision)

Hind Abdullah Al-Reqib

The study aimed to investigate the impact of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on different levels of the women’s empowerment. The study used the statistical analysis that is based on secondary data obtained from “Kafala” initiative as one of the supporting agencies for ...

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