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The Influence of Accounting and non-Accounting Variables on The Iraq Stock Exchange Performance: Literature Review

Diler Saleem Ali

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the impact of some of these accounting, financial, and economic determinants on the Iraqi financial market as a case study for the period (2011-2023). Methods: The methodology used is a systematic methodology for reviewing and synthesizing the literature on a ...

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Determinants of Housing Prices in South Africa: The Impact of Covid-19

Pradeep Brijlal , Brandon Hareb

Objectives: The present study aims to determine the relationship between selected macroeconomic and market variables, and South African housing prices, and the influence that Covid-19 had on South African housing prices, after holding for the effect of the change in selected macroeconomic, and market ...

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Assessing the Moderating Effect of Political Stability on the Relationship between FDI and Economic Prosperity: The Case of Jordan

Mazen Hasan Basha

Objectives: The current research focuses on proving that Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a significant source for developing countries like Jordan. Therefore, Current research aims to investigate the impact of FDI on the economic prosperity of Jordan, focusing on how this relationship is affected ...

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Insight into the Influence of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Indian Nifty 50 Index

Shireen Rosario , CA Reginald H.J. Rosario

Objective: Existing literature attests to the longstanding global concern regarding Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU), recognizing its impact on economic growth, employment, and investments. Despite its acknowledged influence, studies on EPU in India have been comparatively limited. This paper addresses ...

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