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The availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance issued by the Organization for Economic CooperationAnd Development (OECD) in Libyan banks

Emad M. Abu Agila

This study aimed to identify the reality of Libyan banks and the availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance pop the Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation (OECD) inside. The study sample consisted in the number of (8) results from banks , ...

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The Role FDI on Economic Development in the Arab Countries Panel Data Approach

Bader Shahda Said hamdan

The study amid at estimated the role FDI on economic development in the Arab countries during the period 1995- 2013, The study used panel data approach in 17 countries: (Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Djibouti, Mauritania, ...

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The Role of Central Banks in Achieving Macroeconomic Stability "Cas of the Algerian Economy "

Boukhari Abdelhamid , Bouhoreira abbas

This article deals with analysis on the role of central banks Establishing economic stability in Algeria, through a set of indicators to analyze internal and external levels. According mainly to the economic analysis which is based on macroeconomic stability indicators, which reveals the effectiveness ...

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Economic diversification in Algeria

Mohamed Nasser Hamidato , Baqaas Alssafiah

The issue of economic diversification has become very important in the priorities of the Arab countries due to the shocks of their economies due to their association with a certain sector without other sectors as well as the expansion of investment and the creation of new linkages between other sectors ...

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Study the economic relationship between inflation and some macroeconomic variables in Algeria

Ramadane Lalaa , Hisher Ahmed El Tijani

Inflation is defined as an economic problem, and to reduce its economic damage requires knowledge of its effects and control. In this research work, we tried to identify the extent of inflation affected by some of the macro variables in Algeria during 43 years. The results of the analysis showed that ...

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Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Macroeconomic Variables in Jordan

Khaled M. Al-Sawai'e

This study aims to obtain empirical evidence about foreign direct investment on some macroeconomic variables of the Jordanian economy for the period 1980-2013, using the model vector error correction; to indicate the direction of the causal relationship between the variables. The results of this study, ...

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Mechanisms to Activate the Competitiveness of the Algerian Economy in the Light of Competitive Indicators

Allam Othman , Snousawi Saleh

There are several economic indicators that can allow its users to assess the competitiveness of their economy, among them is the economic freedom issued by the Institute "Heritage" in collaboration with the newspaper "Street Journal", as it Another indicator as important as the previous one is the indicator ...

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Study of the Relationship Growth-Health-Poverty Empirical Validation for the South Shore Country The Mediterranean

Majdi Mekdem

This paper aims to study from empirical observations interaction between health and economic growth to reduce poverty. To investigate this question, a model of simultaneous equations was developed to endogenous economic growth and to assign the quality of poverty. Using data from a sample of five countries ...

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Employee Engagement and its Impact to Improve the Performance of Industrial Companies in Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Awni Halaseh

The aim of this study is to measuring employee engagement and its impact to improve the performance of operating companies at the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The questionnaire was used to achieve the objectives of the study. The study population consists of ...

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Impact of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises on Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria

Aminu Bello , Adamu Jibir , Ibrahim Ahmed

Small and medium scale enterprises play an important role in terms of growth and development of an economy. This is due to the fact that creation, sustenance, and growth of SMEs is believed to be the key ingredient for development of the industrial sector of an underdeveloped economy. The study examines ...

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