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Quality requirements of internal audit services A comprehensive vision

Mohammed Ajila , Khairh Zaqeeb

This study aimed to find out the quality of auditing in general and the quality of internal audit services, in particular by identifying the various features which is characterized by the internal auditor, by adopting the standards of the profession control and some of the behaviors that equip himself ...

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The Impact of the Administrative Empowerment at the Administrative Creativity as one of the Entrances to the Achievement of Vision 2030 from the Perspective of Women Leaders in the Saudi Higher Education

Ruwida Mohammad Al-atawi , Kainkan Fawwaz Marie

This study aims to identify the impact of the administrative empowerment at the administrative creativity as one of the entrances to the achievement of Vision 2030 from the perspective of women leaders in the Saudi Higher Education. It also aimed to identify the impact of demographic and functional variables ...

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Evaluation the Impact of Trade Openness on the Competitiveness of Saudi Women in the Labor Market under the Kingdom Vision of 2030 - A comparative Study with the Gulf Countries

Ahmad Aref Assaf

Over the past three decades, many developing countries have undertaken economic reforms including trade liberalization policies, and there has been increasing interest in the gender impact of these reforms. As with any other economic policy, trade policies are likely to have gender disparities because ...

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Effect of Entrepreneurial leadership on Maximizing Competitiveness An Applied to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)

Abdullah Mohammad Nekhailan AL-Mutairi

Entrepreneurial conception is widely adopted by institutions with multiple interpretations attempting to determine the dimensions of such a vital element stressing how the concept has extended to cover strategic management being the opposite face in entrepreneurial business as institutions seek to strengthen ...

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The Impact of Supporting Medium and Small Enterprises on the Levels of Empowering Saudi Women: Reality and Challenges (An Exploratory Study in light of 2030 Vision)

Hind Abdullah Al-Reqib

The study aimed to investigate the impact of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on different levels of the women’s empowerment. The study used the statistical analysis that is based on secondary data obtained from “Kafala” initiative as one of the supporting agencies for ...

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The impact of visionary leadership on strategic growth: the mediating role of corporate social responsibility on the retail sector in Jordan

Kawkab of Musbah Ashti Al- Tamimi , Khaled Khalaf Al- Lafi

The study aimed to identify the impact of visionary leadership, in its different dimensions (vision, values, inspiration and empowerment), on strategic growth’s combined dimensions (expansion, innovation and sustainability). It also sought to explore the intermediate role of social responsibility ...

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The role of Saudi universities in adapting higher education outputs and the requirements of sustainable development according to vision (2030) in Saudi Arabia: An analytical study of the views of administrative leadership in the Qassim University

Inas Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shite

This study aimed to know the role of Saudi universities in the suitability of higher education outcomes and the requirements of sustainable development in accordance with the 2030 vision in Saudi Arabia from the point of view of administrative leadership in the Qaseem University. The study population ...

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The effect of applying the theory of constraints in maximizing corporate profits in industrial companies application on Saudi private sector in accordance with vision 2030

Omer Tajelsir Omer Elnour , Abdelmged Abdelrahim Ali Elagab , Mohammed Ishag Abdelrahman , Khalid Magbool hossyan Sakib

The objectives of the study were the effect of applying the concept of the theory of constrain in maximizing the profits of Saudi industrial companies in accordance with the vision of 2030, and the study is based on the descriptive analytical approach. To obtain the data, the researchers’ used ...

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The Effect of Green HRM Practices on Green Competitive Advantage of the SME Sector of KSA

Tariq Saeed Mian

This paper aims to examine the mediating role of green service innovation between green entrepreneurship intention, green knowledge sharing and green knowledge management and green competitive advantage. A survey was administered to 300 respondents. For the collection of data, this study used judgemental ...

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