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The Impact of Strategic Management in Employees Empowerment Case Study: Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company

Altaj Mohammed Mohammed Ali Hamid , Hussam El-Din Abdel- Aziz Mostafa Mohamedany

This study aims to test the Impact of Strategic Management on the Employees Empowerment. The main Hypothesis of the study was that: There is a positive correlation between Strategic Management Concepts and the Dimensions of Employee Empowerment (delegation of Authority, Participation in Decisionmaking, ...

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The effect of management leadership on the performance of the employees of Dall group for food industries - Sudan, Khartoum Bahri

Mohammed Al-Awad El-Ameen Yousif

The study aimed to determine the impact of administrative leadership on the performance of employees through building work teams, providing motivation and the pattern of supervision in order to improve the performance of employees. The study followed the descriptive approach and the analytical approach ...

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