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Human Resources Management and its Role in the Application of TQM Applied to the Sudanese Company for Thermal Generation During the Period 2002-2012

Abubaker Dawelbet Abubaker Mohammed , Hamza Abdallah Abdalrhman Yahya , Abdelshafi Mohammed Abbaker Younis

This research tackles human recourse management and its role in applying total quality management to be applied in Sudanese thermal generating company during the period from 2002 to 2011. The problem of this research is that there is misconception in managerial philosophy of human resources in Sudanese ...

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The Effect of Using Balanced Scorecard in Amendment of the Financial Performance Evaluation of non-Profit Organizations (A Study Case of Al-Basar International Foundation- Sudan)

Omar Alsir Hassan Mohammed , Logman Maroof Fadel Mohammed

The problem of the study lies in the insufficiency that found in the performance amendment methods and the traditional control which have become unsuitable for facing changes in the modern business environment,,,, Eventually, the question of the study can be formulated as follows: Does the use of the ...

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Effect of Performance Evaluation of Working Women on Performance at King Khalid University Applied to the Colleges of Girls in Abha and Khamis Mushait

Rogaia Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Kratat

The purpose of the study was to identify the role of working women in the development of the performance of King Khalid University. To this end, the research community, which includes 606 individuals from 8 colleges, was identified. The researcher used the Stephen Sampson equation to determine the sample ...

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The Reality of Using the Strategic Methods of Cost Management and Performance Evaluation in Industrial Enterprises in Sudan- A Survey Study on the Manufacturing Sector in Khartoum State

Fatihelelah Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed , Ali Mohamed Hashim Ahmed

The study dealt with the strategic methods of cost management and performance evaluation. It aims to identify the reality and areas of using these methods in the manufacturing sector in Khartoum state, in addition to the determinants that limt the ability of these enterprises to adopt and use these methods. ...

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Impact of work stress on the performance of employees (An empirical study)

Assia Yaqoub Al-Hadi Abd Al-Khair , Amna Babakir Hussein Mohammad , Maha Fadel Al-Sayed Ali

This study aims to highlight the impact of work stress on the performance of employees at King Khalid University during the period 2018-2020. The study used the descriptive analytical research method using the statistical program for analysis spss and reached the following main results: The workload ...

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