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The Role of Water Information Systems in Sustaining and Enhancing the Governance of Water Resources in Algeria

Ahmed Tei , Zoubida Mahcene

The aim of this study is to highlight the role of water information systems in sustaining and enhancing the governance of water resources in Algeria. The paper presented that the water crisis is a governance crisis and therefore the need to move towards water governance by applying the principles of ...

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The Role of Electronic Accounting Disclosure in Enhancing the Financial Reports Quality and Reducing the Information Asymmetry Gap in the Jordanian Business Environment

Hassan Mahmoud Shatnawi

The purpose of this paper is to study and clarify the electronic accounting disclosure concepts, natures and development stages as well as its components. Furthermore, its role in improving the quality of financial reporting as well as in reducing the gap of the asymmetry of information in the Jordanian ...

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Proposed Framework for an Accounting Information System Adapted with the E-commerce Operations

Mohyee Eldin Mohamed Ibrahim Osman

The study tackled the problem of the lack of protection of the accounting information system in light of the use of e-commerce for the loss of control over the inputs that result from the use of e-commerce. The study aimed at identifying the obstacles that can limit the ability of banks to use e-commerce ...

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Reengineering Human Resources as a Support Mechanism for High Performance Work Systems in Organizations An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of Human Resources Managers in a Group of Economic Institutions in the Biskra

Ahlem Khene , Moufida Yahyaoui , Souria Zaoui

In this study, we aim to identify the contribution of re-engineering of human resources to provide and strengthening of High performance of systems or practices by surveying the views of managers in some economic institutions in Biskra. Therefore, this study will contribute to define the managers of ...

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Evaluation of the Contribution of the Accounting Information System to the Quality of the Financial Statements. Case Study of a Sample of Accountants and Accountants in Algeria

Korichi Kheireddine , Redjem Khaled , Harouz Nouralhouda

This study, aims to identify the contribution of the accounting information system to the quality of financial information in the Algerian environment. We analysed 40 questionnaires distributed among accountants in accounting institutions and offices in OUARGLA- ALGERIA. The results of the analysis showed ...

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The Relationship between Product Mix Elements and Consumer Buying Behavior– A Case of Jordan

Zakaria Ahmad Azzam , Nafez Nimer Ali

This study aims to identify the relationship between product mix elements and consumer's buying behavior in Amman City – Jordan .To identify the relationship between product mix elements and consumer's buying behavior, specific independent variables such as product package , brand name , product ...

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The Role of Governance in Reducing Creative Accounting Practices and their Impact on the Quality of Information

Rogia Eltayb Ali Ahmed

The study aims to demonstrate the role played by governance in reducing creative accounting practices, which are considered to be the main causes of the financial collapse and the impact on the quality of accounting information, which is the main tool for making good decisions. To achieve the goal of ...

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Role of faculty members on the performance of Saudi universities

Abdullah Mohammad Ali Al-Wahaibi

Faculty members at universities are responsible for teaching and scientific research. They are the cornerstone of the ongoing process of development that all societies seek to achieve. Following this search, a quantitative research method is proposed using a simple random sample. The data were collected ...

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The impact of electronic commerce on the development of accounting information system (A field study on selected sample of commercial companies in Khartoum State2019)

Muhammad Obaid Kafi Abakr , Sawsan Abdel Hafiz Hassan Khattab , Issam Al-Sayed Buraima Al-Sayed , Abdulaziz Hussain Muteeb Al-mezyed

The study aimed at introducing electronic commerce and its importance, identifying the accounting information system. In addition to collecting the opinions of a selected sample of employees specialized in commercial companies in Khartoum state on the impact of electronic commerce on accounting information ...

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The Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Organizational Excellence in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Moatasam Ahmad Wahba , Ayoub Ahmed Al-Sawalha

This study aimed to explore the impact of the knowledge management process through (knowledge discovery, sharing, capture and application) on organizational excellence from the dimensions of (leadership, structure, strategic culture and subordinates) in the case of Jordanian commercial banks. Where the ...

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