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Islamic Work Ethic and its Positive Impact on the Individual and the Organization

Abdulwahab Shmailan

God's creature creation, human and ordered to work and seek in the land; for the reconstruction and spend his needs, and to dispense with work yoke question, in order, he urged all religions, all the work and dedication in it. When Sharia and religion orthodox was inspired by the sky from the presence ...

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The impact of organizational conflict management strategies on the administrative work ethics of department heads at Al-Azhar University in Gaza from the point of view of faculty members

Mohammad Jawdat Fares

The study aimed at identifying the impact of the strategies of Managing the organizational conflict on the ethics of the administrative work of the heads of departments at Al-Azhar University in Gaza from the viewpoint of the faculty members. To achieve the objectives of the study, the quantitative approach ...

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Whether Earning Management Is An Ethical Practice: An Exploratory Study

Randah Al-Shabeeb , Khalid Al-Adeem

The objective of this study is to investigate the extent to which earning management is ethical from the perspective of the financial statements’ users. Corporate scandals and bankruptcies that are witnessed worldwide were in conjunction with earning management practices. Specifically, the study ...

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Strategic Management According to Professional and Organizational Ethics

Mohammad Hussain Ali Al-Janabi

The social reality of business ethics and its increasing domination of all aspects of intellectual and applied behavior of individual, organization and society effects on current reality and future of business organizations, and based the importance of ethics and leadership of the individual and society, ...

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